3rd, Jun 2020

4 Latest Trends In Ecommerce SEO

Ecommerce has been in the rage for past couple of years. As you can see, new ecommerce sites spring up each new day. Therefore, online competition has skyrocketed and intensifying more and more. To retain your strong foothold in the industry, it’s time to rethink your SEO strategy.

Investing on SEO is always fruitful and offers great ROI. Having an effective approach in digital marketing can increase the online success of your business and improve your brand’s visibility in the digital medium.

Search engine optimization can actually put you ahead in the competition. If there are two websites that are selling the same thing at the same time, the website with better SEO strategy will happen to invite more traffic to your website and escalate the sales.

So, to build an excellent SEO strategy for the coming days, you should catch up with the current SEO trends of 2020 and outsource to a preeminent SEO service provider in Kolkata. Here’s a list of several good SEO techniques that you can consider and implement to drive more customers and potential buyers. Check these out

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Top trends in e-commerce SEO

Mobile-First Indexing:  Last year (2019), on July 1st, Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing. So naturally, e-commerce websites are leaning towards Mobile-SEO and it has become a trend for the year 2020.

As per a recent study, mobile traffic has surpassed the desktop or laptop traffic globally. If to be defined with figures, almost 87% of the internet users are on smartphones and 40% of the traffic make transactions through mobile.

Therefore, every e-commerce website must be mobile-responsive, otherwise, those sites may miss out a lot of opportunities. It must have a responsive design, easy-to-use navigation button, fast loading, and so on.

Voice Search Optimization: This technology is becoming more popular with the growing count of mobile users. Millions across the world are already using this technique as it is more convenient and quicker. If you want to drive more buyers to your website, it’s important to understand the best way of implementing Voice-search technique.

This method is a little different from traditional SEO approaches. So, adjust your plan accordingly to attract more voice search customers. Here’re a few tips on optimizing voice search for SEO. You can refer to these:

  • Choose long-tail keywords for voice search optimization, in order to adopt more opportunities to reach potential buyers
  • Normally customers ask questions through voice search, so structure your web content in a way that it answers the queries of all users
  • Quality video content: Google prefers video content over regular text contents. This is because, customers are more attracted towards quality video than content. Videos are considered to be a vital fragment of SEO for e-commerce landing and product pages.

A video can attract larger demographic if it is made dynamically and keep the viewers engaged throughout. As a consequence, your rank on the Google will increase soon. Therefore, it’s high time that dedicated digital marketing representatives for e-commerce websites should focus on video marketing and pay more attention to users’ preference.

Try to add exciting videos on your page. People stick around and feel the urge to see the full video only if the content triggers their interest. When it comes to website ranking, Google checks the average time page visitors have spend on your site and positions your website accordingly in the search engine. More page views mean higher rank.   

User Experience (UX) for SEO: Google always emphasizes the importance of user experience in SEO practices. If you can offer good experience to the traffic visiting your website, they are likely to stick around for a longer period. Naturally, the page views will increase, bounce rate will decrease, and Google will promote your site’s rank.

If you really want to provide good user experience, get on users’ shoes to figure out the exact roadblocks. Here’re a few of the many vital elements of SEO that perfectly fit with e-commerce sites. Focus on these to improve your users’ experience:

  • Keep an eye on the page speed. Ensure that the site is loading faster and runs smoothly. If your website takes too much time to load properly, viewers will leave midway. Don’t let that happen.
  • If you want to score higher in your customers’ eyes, choose a responsive design for your website. Easy-to-understand layout and design, normally, attracts more traffic.
  • While talking about SEO, you cannot ignore the topic of content. It’s one detrimental factor of achieving higher rank in the search engine. The need of useful and interesting content is indispensable for any website. To make your content look lively, you can incorporate infographics, videos, and other graphics within the content while publishing on your site.

These are just four of the multiple SEO techniques that e-commerce sites are following today. If you check Flipkart’s or Amazon’s sites, you’ll understand where user experience and responsive design matters. As a user, you won’t like to spend 60 secs in just finding a button that says ‘add to cart’.

Keeping the design simple is the key to attract more traffic and turn them into potential buyers. Try these same tactics with your e-commerce site, as well. If you are lacking in manpower, consider outsourcing your website development and SEO activities to a well-recommended service provider out there.