16th, Jun 2020

4 Sectors That Are Most Likely To Do Well In A Crisis-Ridden World

A global pandemic has hit the world badly, taking lives and putting people into misery. This crisis period has also proved to be a challenging phase for most of the businesses. Some had to shut down post the announcement of lockdown, some startups couldn’t sustain due to lack of projects. However, amid all this catastrophe, there are four sectors that didn’t face bruises. Rather these business sectors have earned profit during this lockdown period. Let’s take a close look at why and how these sectors have been benefitted.

Impact analysis: least impacted businesses

People not going out of the house means there’s close to no business. According to a recent study by SEO service provider in India, Only the brands offering necessities survived. But you’ll be amazed to know about a few sectors that not only survived, but have earned huge revenue in this crisis-ridden world.

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FMCG (food and sanitation)

This segment has seen good demand and have also been benefitted from lower commodity prices. No matter what happens in the world, always and forever there’s demand for food. People can’t live without necessary food items like rice, bread, flour, potato, green leafy vegetables, milk, etc. Also, sanitation items have been in equal demand as people had no other option of fighting the novel corona virus. Sanitizers, phenyl, cleaning products, etc. sold like fire.

These products have been in constant exigency, especially, when people were asked to collect resource for at least 10 days in advance. The food industry even failed to meet the demand at some point as the requisite skyrocketed enormously. As a result, this sector has been largely benefitted.   

Paints and adhesives

While staying at home, some people followed the DIY techniques to paint their house. As a result, there have been a great demand for paints during this lockdown. Adhesives were also in large demand as people tried to seal the entrance for pests and rodents. These stuffs acted as an effective pest controller in this crisis-ridden world. Firms offering paints and adhesives may have seen some deferment in demand, but they have benefitted from lower-input prices.

There’s another reason why these firms have been in the brighter side. Within 3 weeks of the lockdown, these companies re-opened. As a result, they have been seen lesser loss than the rest.


During this pandemic, people are extra carful about their health and fitness. Everybody wished to stay hale and hearty. Naturally, the demand for pharmaceuticals increased largely. Even for minor illnesses, people are buying medicines and immunity boosters to avoid any risk of getting affected from the coronavirus. Evidently, pharmaceuticals have been benefitted in terms of higher than expected sales.

Also, nursing homes and hospitals piled up enough medicines so that they can treat every patient suffering from coronavirus. There has been significant high demand of surgical masks, gloves, PPEs, etc. Thus, exigency continued to increase and so the sale.    

Process Industries

It’s not possible to shut down process industries. Refineries and petrochemicals, aluminum, iron & steel are examples of such industries. They had to continue with the manufacturing and processing. So, there was no lockdown for them. However, even though they produced continuously, there have been limited market for them. This is because their consumers may be showing discretionary choices while buying as the products are mostly used in autos and white goods, which have not been in particular demand. As a result, the inventory is expected to rise. But with marking down the prices of their commodities, the process industry has seen profit.

Bottom line

There are always two sides of every coin. Similarly, this pandemic brought in both good and bad impact on the businesses like pharmaceuticals, food and sanitation, SEO agency in India, etc. Although there’s scarcity of customers, there’s always been a demand for SEO as no company could take the risk of losing their brand visibility.

Amid this race of good and bad, some incurred maximum losses, whereas, the profit magnified for some. However, let’s just hope that the world gets better eventually and things again fall into place.  Let businesses grow and the world economy exaggerate like never before.