5th, Jan 2021

5 Software Development Trends To Consider in 2021

We’ve already stepped into a brand-new year with hopes of betterment and renewed zeal to succeed. Market experts are already predicting technologies that will prevail in the New Year.

Among those trending, custom software development is poised resurface again as a vital aspect of almost every business domain. With almost all businesses going online during the pandemic, service delivery through online has become the new normal. Thus, more and more businesses have started investing in custom software development.

Everything related to a modern-day business, from problem-solving to informed decision-making, relies on developers’ skills and efficiency. Moreover, businesses which run on custom software application processes have shown better growth in the last year, as they did not have to depend on third party service providers.

Thus, their productivity enhanced and so did their revenue. As an outcome, custom software development has become a necessity for the growth and success of businesses.

That is all the more why business owners today need to know what software development trends will be ruling this year. Gone are the days when technological trends interested only the software development company in India. Today, every business keeps an eye on the trends. Here, we have listed five trends that will impact software development throughout 2021.

Cloud Technologies

Cloud technology has reached the height of popularity during the pandemic. Almost 59% of enterprises have decided on expanding their cloud usage. Many companies are experiencing problems due to restrictions; they are trying hard to save as much as they can. Also, they are trying to reduce their operational costs. Cloud computing is the best solution to deal with these problems.

Working with cloud computing makes your task easier and quicker. Since most employees are now working from home, they can’t have the opportunities to discuss with their colleagues. The interactive interface of the cloud is helping the employees communicate virtually.

Human Augmentation, AR, & Mixed Reality

Since AR and mixed reality have been actively utilized for remote training, healthcare, gaming, and human augmentation, it can enhance human abilities by blending medicine and technology. Therefore. The technologies will go through a developmental state in 2021.According to various studies, the global mixed reality market is poised for 73.2% growth every year for the upcoming few years. Larger investments and more new projects are coming to the niche. It implies that more advanced tech progress and quick implementation of innovation are on the cards.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT might not be the latest thing around, but still, it is an integral part of our cognitive reality. Thus, the faster advancement of IoT has become only natural. It will become more thriving, even life-changing, in 2021.

We know that software development companies in India will find out new ways to surprise the world with outstanding innovation. The pair of software development and IoT will leave everyone in awe! Moreover, a perfect blend of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with IoT will undoubtedly change the tech world.

Emergence of PWAs

Native apps are much appreciated, but high costs often make many companies unable to leverage its benefits. Companies who can’t afford a native app can switch to PWAs or Progressive Web Apps. PWAs will be continuously emerging in 2021. For starters, PWAs are web applications that allow businesses to achieve almost the same features provided by native apps in security, user experience, speed, etc.

Low & No-Coder Development

During the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing impact, businesses are trying to reduce their costs and maximize revenue. Hence, businesses are not having enough fund needed to recruit and afford a whole development team. In such cases, developing a low-code or no-code concept has made it easier to create websites or mobile apps for non-tech people. It won’t need much effort and money.

Bottom Line

2021 is poised to spring up newer surprises. The above are some demanding trends that will prevail in this year. Whenever thinking about building a partnership with a software development agency in India, keep these pointers as handy references.