29th, Sep 2020

6 Tricks to Improve UX Design for Better Conversion

A conversion rate can make a website either live or dead. Reasonable conversion rates imply that more sales and revenue are coming to the website; low conversion rates indicate that enough sales and revenues are coming to the website. Hence, maintaining a good conversion rate is essential for running an online business successfully. For this, you need to consider a few vital things that significantly impact the conversion rate. The user experience of your site is one of these facts. A professional website design company in Kolkata will always take care of UX design.

User experience or UX involves leads, visitors, or customers’ experience. All these elements make navigation easier and help the users interact with the site on each page and component. UX design refers to how easily the visitors can find what they are looking for, and it should make the entire process smooth without being slowing the site down by irrelevant frictions.

Here, we’ve listed six facts that can help you boost the conversion rates:

Landing Page

The landing page is where your visitors come. Hence it must be well-organized and easy-to-use. It absorbs many texts. It is a sales page, and it is made to persuade the visitors to click on the call-to-action button. Some landing pages are too long, and they describe a detailed value proposition to interact with the visitors. These can be disastrous for conversion rates because no one has time to read all the texts. Such a challenge can be addressed by replacing boring texts with videos. You should introduce customized and short videos that can convey your message to the visitors. These videos can quickly grab your visitors’ attention and pass your message to them in an exciting way.


Call-to-action buttons are placed to influence the customer’s user experience. If these buttons are challenging to find out, they would not be able to read them and click on them. It would decrease the conversion rates. Hence, the buttons must be inserted in the right place. No matter whether you want to sell products or boost your subscriptions and signups, the call-to-action buttons must be catchy, informative, and easy-to-find.

Website Speed

Site speed is one of the essential elements of a site’s UX design. A study revealed that most visitors are reluctant to wait longer than three seconds for a loaded page. For better user experience, you must ensure that the site speed is really fast.

Website Readability

Is your site readable enough? When your visitors cannot make heads and tails of your content, it implies that they can’t understand what you are offering to them. Technically, such UX is termed lousy UX. If you want to improve your website’s readability, you should realize that the visitors don’t want to read long content with ornamental words. Therefore, your content must be brief and readable.

Free Shipping

In some cases, the inclusion of some particular page elements to impress the shoppers and convert them is all you want to empower your conversion rates. For e-commerce sites, offering a free shipping threshold is the best way of increasing your conversion rates.

Friction-less Navigation

The main goal of a website and its each web page is converting their visitors into customers. 

If your landing pages have much clutter in navigational links, it will take the visitors away from your page. You can resolve this problem by decluttering the page. For frictionless navigation, you should remove all distractions from a page.

Bottom Line

Many other things help you improve your UX. If you want to know more about these facts, you should consult a renowned website design company in Kolkata.

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