19th, Jul 2022

A Professional’s Guide On How To Hire A Web Designer

Having a web designer in the team is definitely an exciting inclusion. As a layman, at least in this point, most people around us consider web designing as a process of forming a website that has elements from graphics, sketches, codes, prototypes and other technical aspects that make the outcome brilliant!

The process of hiring a freelance web designer is indeed a demanding one. It is a daunting task that the recruiter has to carry out by understanding and coordinating every step that is required to fulfil the production, even the users’ goals and business goals.

To accomplish this task of including every aspect and attribute depends entirely on the web designer’s capability of amalgamating them. Typical web designers actually don hats of multiple qualities, like:

* Creating layouts that are visually appealing
* Creating user flows that are intuitive
* Creating inspiring interactions
* Creating CSS/HTML codes

Previously, companies used to hire multiple web designers to perform these tasks separately. Today, many individual professionals are recruited with the expectation of delivering the same under one profile.

This information by Magicmind Technologies, is for the recruiters like we have ours in-house, who are constantly in search of the most suitable versatile web designer to meet the dynamic requisites of the global economy, constantly brought upon by the tech revolution.

Diving deep into the concept of web designer

The process of web designing is the conceptualisation, building and planning of certain electronic files which determine the use of interactive features, images, graphics, structure, texts, colours and layouts to design something brilliantly attractive for the eyes and minds of site visitors. The person who carries this out is known as a web designer.

The web designers usually have the responsibilities of front-end development in case he is recruited as a part of the UI & UX team.

Things you should look for in a Web Designer

A top-level web designing professional should have the following qualities:

* The ability to determine and bringing the business objectives as well as user needs in a single line
* Determining as well as defining the product goals
* Articulating the thought process of clients and the company for which he or she is working for

The web designers who are backend developers or popularly known as engineers are responsible for creating a brilliantly responsive framework. They have to have the abilities for:

* Various levels of skillsets for well-optimised development
* Creating timeframes
* Creating project scope
* Analysing the complex problems from the point of view of an ‘engineer’

The 5 steps to hiring the best web designer

The unprecedented times of Covid 19 have had us go digital in leaps and bounds in just a short span. When other industries were scathed with loss of productivity, man hours and even loss of resources, it is the sector of the internet that stood strong and evolved as a tool with better availability than before. It is this internet once again, that revived the economy at a speedy scale. As a result, with more industry verticals going digital, the requirement for technical professionals has also been boosted.

Even the brick-and-mortar stores are now vouching for their digital transition. So in this scenario, it is obvious for the economy to rely more on the tech professionals’ services. Without much ado, here are the 5 ways for the recruiters to hire a reliable and best web designing candidate.

  1. Having knowledge on what’s new!

It is important for the hiring company to understand that today’s websites are much more than just marketing tools. When a website is well-designed and well-optimised, it reflects to the site visitor as a reliable source and a credible face for determining whether the final purchase decision can be made from it or not. In case the website is kept static or outdated, there is a huge chance for the company to incur huge losses.

38.5 percent of consumers judge products and brands by their websites, 38 per cent will stop interacting with a poorly designed website, and 50 per cent will opt for your competition if they have a negative experience on your site


It is, hence, crucial for the hiring companies to recruit a web designer who knows his or her job of creating stunning websites well.

  1. Writing an insightful job description

Once you, the recruiter have decided on what roles the company needs to fill in, the next step comes in to write an insightful job description. The description should begin with a short write-up that will make the focus and mission of the job clear. The hiring company can also incorporate the highlighting points of the organization so that the candidates can get the confidence to apply to them. Do not forget to enlist the roles that the vacancy requires for in candidate. For example, alongside an excellent skill in coding, the designer must also have a combined knowledge in visual aesthetics, technical know-how and idea of the customer intent.

  1. Analyse the portfolios and resumes

Yes, it is very much understandable that foraging through hundreds of profiles of the candidates, choosing the best one or ones is equivalent to searching for a needle in the haystack. But, let us tell you, it is not impossible. Here are the qualities that you should look for the application:

* Understanding of the SEO or search engine optimisation
* Familiarity with content management systems or CMS, cascading style sheets of CSS, Illustrator, Photoshop
* Expertise in Javascript and HTML
* Understanding of user experience as well as information architecture
* A greater sense of informal hierarchy, typography, image composition, fundamentals of visual designs
* Work Experience of considerable years (depends upon the requirement of the hiring company)
* Certification by Adobe in web development and design
* Bachelors in technology or science in web development, digital designing and graphic designing

Once the resumes are narrowed down, the company is ready to land with the best ones or ones from the lot.

  1. Always ask the right questions during the interview

The best web designers possess unique skillsets. They have a gift of visual aesthetics and also the ability of problem-solving. They are indeed creative but deadline-driven as well. Here is a list of those questions that will help you, the recruiter, select the perfect candidate for the position.

As the candidates start answering these questions, you will be able to get the hang of how worthy as the selected candidates are! The recruiters can also determine whether they can be valuable team members or not.

  1. When in doubt, go for an agency!

It is definitely possible for recruiters to not be able to find the right after multiple screenings. So, for situations like these, hiring experts from agencies will come as a boon. Agencies build an in-house team of specialists and subject matter experts who are well-experienced and understand the demographics of the market and consumerism. Relying on them for a contractual project will assure the hiring company:

* Excellent and perfection in every project
* Preservation of time and money with low perpetual investment
* The guarantee of secrecy and confidence

The cost of hiring a web designer for different features

While hiring a web designer, the company’s first step should be to evaluate the project. Read the division-wise costing of hiring web designers below:

Within $1000

In the case of a small business, if the requirement is a simple website, the whole project would cost around $1000. In that cost, a simple website with 3 to 5 pages can be built with a home page, about us page and other necessary pages.

Within $1500

Within this value, the features that can be implemented in a website are:

* The tracking of the number of visitors
* Integration with Google Search Engine
* Integration of the website with social media platforms
* Content Management System

Within $3000

In case you have an E-Commerce website, the budget has to be fixed at $3000 with the feature of delivery tracking. The website will also have order management and live chat features.

Within $10,000

For large organisations and companies, integration with databases and servers is an important factor of their business websites. Hiring a web designer or a web designing company is completely dependent on factors like location, design, features, purpose etc. Where a simple site takes around $250, a website loaded with features costs around $1300.

Signing off…

We hope this information has been able to help you with the information and the hacks to choose the best web designer for your company’s requisites. At Magicmind Technologies we offer customised web building and other technical services to transform businesses of any vertical digitally. Trust our versatile team of tech experts who work day and night to deliver excellence.