14th, Jul 2022

A Recruiters’ Guide To Hiring A Mobile App Developer

Looking to hire a mobile app developer? Thanks to the perpetual wave of digital transformation, businesses of nearly every vertical are now extending their presence into the digital realm, which is now, not limited to websites or social media channels. Applications or apps have been the favorite hot cake of the global economy that want to reach their audiences with one quick tap on their mobile devices, just like a one-touch solution!

In the US alone, mobile advertising spending reached $113 billion


A business launches its app with the expectation to gain better prospects, achieve the desired and constant growth and make the best of its marketing plans.


But the correct implementation of an app is imperative to extract the best of its value and the first step towards it is selecting the right mobile app developer. In this informative today, we will be highlighting the ways a recruiter can hire the best mobile app developer and the time and cost in which they are generally hired as per the industry standards.

The Considerations For Hiring The Right Mobile App Developer

  1. Surf thoroughly but hassle-free

Keeping calm and using the correct search terms are the two keys to making your search hassle-free. During the process of hiring, you may look for a local developer or an off-shore one (remote employee) and in both cases, since you do not know anything about the person, hesitation is normal. The best way to shortlist a profile today is to look for candidates within the peer.

Ask the employees, colleagues, relatives and even family members whether they have anyone in the mind with the required potential for making an app. The next option is considered to be the biggest challenge, where shortlisting profiles from LinkedIn, Job Portals and Mails come in.

As mentioned earlier, since the recruiter does not know them, it is advised to know about them from the available social media channels or even, previous employers or colleagues.

  1. Rather look for an agency

Yes, you might also wonder about hiring a freelancer or an in-house resource for your need, but there are two things; viz,

* Not every company has the provision of having a tech team where they build a strong group of well-trained and experienced software professionals

* Hiring a freelancer might make you take a huge risk because they are known for working in their own terms. Very few freelancers carry out the responsibility of on-time delivery of projects dexterously.

So, to avoid pitfalls like these, it is advised to the recruiters to choose an agency that has specialisation in meeting the clients’ digital requisites. An agency is a professional organisation that forms a talented pool of outstanding professionals who work with the aim of delivering excellence. The best part is that they work within a contract system at amazing packages. The agency is also up for various feedback and changes without much of a hassle.

  1. Communication is always the key

If you are hiring developers from foreign lands, communication is the greatest key. Streamlined communication is known for establishing solid business relationships. The very first thing both parties have to work on is the language barrier. It is a must for the developer to speak the language of the country, he or she is getting hired. It is important for them to reach a common consensus at a common time and reporting becomes easy in a common language.

  1. Search for client reviews and references

References and reviews help the recruiters to know what kind of work a candidate has done in the past and how good he or she is in his or her job. The recruiter can directly ask for references from them about their best work. The app developer should also be sharing with the recruiter the list of companies, brands and people they have worked for in the past. Also, if the developers are popular, you can look up them on various sites as well, like Clutch.

  1. Investigate with a solid research team

We mentioned this before as well! The investigation, in this information, does not only mean looking up for the candidate a recruiter is hiring but also understanding the company’s requisites. Whether the skills offered by the candidate are at all relevant to the project or not. Or how focused as well as excited they are to work on this project. This step also establishes a connection of empathy between the recruiter as well as the candidate.

  1. Never compromise with quality for budget

An app is not something that a business builds daily. Rather, it is a business asset that is built once and optimised frequently with the changing tech trends and consumer preferences. Budget, in fact, is always a huge decision maker for hiring a candidate with experience or a fresher. We always vouch for both because an experienced person may definitely know how to complete the job, but a fresher is all well-versed with the top trends and tech of the market. We suggest never to let money speak before quality. The right price and the right professional will definitely serve you with the best app that will make your business ready for the future shift in trends and consumerism.

  1. Secure and protect your privacy

One of the main criteria for working with an app developer is keeping the deal signed with a non-disclosure agreement or an NDA. No matter how reputed an agency or the individual is, an NDA or a signed contract will always keep things clear for both parties, so that, if any dispute from either side arises, the defaulter gets easily identified and penalised. Any leak of information or a breach of contract regarding the app may incur losses worth millions for the company.

  1. Look for the aesthetics

What is perceived, sells! Hence, try to strive in making the app look its best from the very inception. It is imperative to finalise the designs prior to starting with the implementation work. Remember, the app the company is building is actually a permanent asset, a tool to reach the marketing growth goals, and in this world of ‘first impression is the last impression’, it should definitely stand out. The app will stand as the face of business at the palms of its target audience.

The Time & Cost Of Hiring A Mobile App Developer


Here’s how you can calculate the cost of the app

A. Considerations

* The purpose & functionality of the app
* The mobile platforms, devices and OS for which the app will be built
* Determining whether the app will be a third-party built for serving as a content source
* Whether the app will be heavily influenced by complex visual components or not
* Whether the app will have the following features:

– AR or VR compatibility
– Motion co-processors
– NFC technology
– GPS navigation etc

*Whether the company will provide any post-delivery support and maintenance

The company, building the app can apply certain usual benchmarks for project expenses and app development. It can also calculate the cost of hiring the app developer and consider it as a benchmark.

As per indeed.com, corporations are expected to pay $90,000 annually for hiring any US-based mobile app developer. Australia comes second with $76,000 and Germany comes third with $66,000. Specialist nations across Asia are way cheaper; for example, in India, the standard hiring remuneration is around $4,000. This difference is attributed to the economic factor which is varying between developed and developing nations.


It is to remember crucially that costing should not be the sole decision maker over here.

B. Other Benchmarks

Gone are the days when mobile app development had to be divided into two chores – developing for the Android platform and developing for the iOS platform. This gap, now, is not so significant. Now, the complexity of the app’s development plays a key role in determining the cost of making it. The level is arbitrarily divided into simple, medium and complex. Here’s a concise table that will showcase the cost of hiring a developer based on these levels at the standards of US currency:

  1. Simple app costs around $40,000 to $60,000
  2. Medium complexity app takes from $61,000 to $1,20,000
  3. Complex level app takes around $1,20,000

Please note, that the prices mentioned above are only estimates and the prices can fluctuate depending on the dynamic market trends. These estimates are here only to give the recruiters a ballpark estimate of the app building expenses. These estimates do not include app upgrade, licensing, marketing, or maintenance support expenses as well.

What Is the Time Frame for Hiring a Mobile App Developer?

If you are hiring a freelancer, the process might come down to 2-3 weeks. In case you are hiring in-house, onboarding the best candidate might take up to like 40 days. And in case you are hiring an agency, the timeframe will be the same as 30 to 40 days.

When a business is hiring a mobile app developer, or rather any employee, there are certain factors that make the process an elaborate one. The factors are:

* Onboarding date- When is the company expecting to onboard a new candidate?
* Budget- What is the pay scale decided for the mobile app developer?
* Attitude- What should be the outlook as well as the perspective of the new hire for working in the company?
* Skills- What should be the ideal candidate’s expected skillset?
* Experience- What should be the minimum experience of the candidate applying for this position?
* Education- What should be the educational qualification or certification of the candidate?

The only way to determine the answers to these questions is through assessment! Assessment for these takes a lot of time, only after which a candidate can be shortlisted. Want to cut this short? Hire a proficient team from an agency!

Reasons to Hire an agency for mobile app development

  1. Experience

This is probably the best reason for hiring an agency for mobile app development. With so many years in the market, the agencies accumulate the knowledge and wisdom of the dynamics of tech evolution as well as the ever-changing consumerism. Hence, choosing their service is always a wise decision.

2. Team of talented professionals

Another significant reason is, that agencies build an in-house team of talented professionals who are industry’s some of the most skilled and dexterous minds. They recruit the most brilliant candidates who, the agencies believe, have the potential to deliver excellence for every project.

3. Availability of the latest tech

Not every business has the resource of the latest tech available in-house. So, for businesses like these, agencies with a brilliant resource pool of advanced technological solutions, are blessings. Agencies are economical options in this way as well.

4. Contracts based on fixed price

The businesses are given a transparent insight into what they are getting in their agreed package. Hence there occurs little to no confusion in the pricing. All services are worth a stipulated price and the businesses are free to choose from the array of services offered.

5. On-time delivery

Agencies run on the commitment to deliver on time. And hence, you can place the bets with them when it comes to getting your hands on the app on a given date.


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