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Established in the year 2016, we are diligent IT solutions provider in India; focused on designing 100% responsive websites, fast-running mobile applications, and full-service digital marketing solutions. We are ISO 20000-1:2018 certified IT Company with a proficient team of around 100+ IT-consultants who are focused on the development of innovative and profitable business winning technologies.

Are you tired of losing customers due to a poor website? Then, Magicmind Technologies is the name you can trust. See your sales rocket up with our incredibly fast, user-friendly websites that work equally well on every device. We define the digital innovation you need to win today – partner with us, to get an awesome digital marketing experience for your business.

What Makes Us Different?

We intelligently meet all your business objectives. Make smart IT decisions for better business growth.

  • Meticulous team of in-house developers
  • Collaborative and customer-friendly project delivery model
  • Highly flexible and customer-centric IT solutions
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly websites and apps

How can we help your business succeed?

Compact IT and digital solutions under one roof

With a team of top-notch developers, we are currently a reputable IT solutions company that helps you get powerful, smart yet simplified IT solutions to your complex problems.

We blend human intellect with technological dynamisms to help our clients conquer new software challenges and ensure business success.

Check out our convenient agile project methodology.

Start of the project

Requirements specification

(Generation of concepts and discussion of initial requirements)

Teamwork and planning

(Collaborating with inventive minds to discuss the project requirements to complete projects effectively)

Create prototypes

(Develop demo versions of apps and web designs and get client feedback to make changes in the final product)

Complete product development

(Development of personalized and flexible IT solutions as per initial requirements)

On-going review process

(On-going review process at different phases of project completion by the client to identify fallacies and remediate the same)


(Complete project delivery to the client within agreed deadline)


(Recording of complete feedback from the client regarding the project, quality of developers, facilities and price and keep follow up for future services)


We care about your success – grow your business with our team of creators.

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