We Build Top-Notch Mobile Applications. Ftoss Is One Such App, Driven by innovation.


In this ardent era of digitalization, life too is getting mechanical. People are always racing with time. Many people forget to live their life. To provide oxygen to monotonous modern life, we have introduced Ftoss. It will take you back to gully cricket. It is a mobile application that allows you to create your teams and participate in a fantasy league anytime. You can choose your favorite players from the list. For this, you only need to sign up at Ftoss.

This app gives an experience of playing national and international cricket cups. While playing the games, you will get back the same thrill, excitement, and joy. This app is built for android and apple devices. Ftoss is user-friendly, and you can easily withdraw the cash you have won.

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  • UI & UX

  • Mobile App Development

  • Website Development

Key Challenges

  • Competition is one of the key challenges we experienced

  • The scope was vast; hence setting up the priorities was difficult

  • Developing the technology needed knowledge & patience

  • Controlling the screen sizes was not easy for the app developers

  • Dealing with two different Operating systems required skills and efficiency


  • We identified what triggered for the target market

  • We sorted out our priorities to manage expenses

  • Thorough research helped us choose the right technology

  • We built a responsive design that fits all screen sizes

  • We conducted bug fixing across two different OS

Build Your Dream Mobile Application At Affordable Pricing

If you want a mobile application like Ftoss, we can give a concrete form to your idea. We’ll make a highly functional mobile app within your budget. To discuss your project, feel free to reach us.


From the very beginning of the project, we were careful about some specific issues, such as-adopting a right concept to develop the app, choosing the target market wisely, defining the target market properly before the development starts, prioritizing the requirements to manage the expenses, picking the right platform for development, choosing the operating systems, developing responsive app design, and ensuring security.

For careful consideration of all of these critical aspects, we have successfully developed Ftoss. It is compatible with android and iOS devices. The app loads fast due to technical excellence and provides mindboggling virtual gaming experience to the target audience.

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