Promoted An Online Platform That Provides Cost-Effective Telehealth to Remote Places


When Prana Physiotherapy came to us for digital marketing campaigns, telehealth was a comparatively new concept. Our experts invest time in gaining an insight into telehealth marketing. Based on our understanding, we approached the client, and they were happy with our proposal. We started doing SEO, SMO and paid campaigns for them.

Telehealth being an offbeat service took time to get desired exposure. But our continuous efforts and strategic digital marketing planning helped our client reap the benefits. We focused on optimizing each of their services individually. Our experts are still handling this project with utmost care and dedication.

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  • Website Development

Key Challenges

  • Website speed was abysmal

  • The bounce rate was higher than the usual

  • The website has lots of irrelevant backlinks

  • Many services were not adequately optimized

  • The website had duplicate content issues


  • We advised the clients to increase the site speed by reducing image & video sizes

  • By improving the technical issues, the bounce rate was escalated

  • We removed irrelevant backlinks

  • We focus on every service and optimized them accordingly

  • We detected duplicate content and replaced them with unique content

Magicmind Can Help You Improve Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

If you want your business to be benefitted like Prana Physiotherapy, you need to partner with Magicmind. We follow a realistic approach and ensure maximum return on your investment. No matter whether you want a full digital marketing package or only SEO or SMO, we have the right choice for you.


Digital marketing is an ongoing process. It is just like gardening. Immediately after sowing the seeds, you can’t expect flowers or fruits. You need to water them regularly; you need to give them fertilizers regularly. Only then they will gradually grow. We do the same. First, we audited the website of Prana Physiotherapy, suggested the clients what could be done to improve the website’s current state, and implemented the suggestions after getting their approval.

As an outcome, Prana is now holding a good rank for multiple keywords. Immense traffics are coming from social media as well. Moreover, progress is steady and upward.

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