Magicmind Developed An Excellent Mobile App For Buying, Selling, & Renting Products


The main aim behind the Setting Needs app development was giving people a trusted platform on their mobile devices where they can buy, sell, or rent products. We had to make this app reach the masses. For this, it was vital to make the app perform well on all devices. It was not easy because the same operating system does not run all devices. Our mobile app development team has developers knowing all devices. Hence, we have managed to make the app suitable for all devices.

Our primary focus was on user-experience and design. Our app developers performed thorough research before building Setting Needs. That’s why it has become popular among the buyers and sellers. For posting your buying requirements or selling details, you will be asked to register first.

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  • UI & UX

  • Mobile App Development

  • Website Development

Key Challenges

  • Meeting requirements of all parties- buyers and sellers

  • Making the mobile application faster

  • Developing an app reaches the maximum people

  • Streamlining the content to give it an organized look

  • Finishing the development within the deadline


  • We developed a clear understanding of what buyers and sellers will need

  • We optimize the speed of the mobile because we know nobody loves waiting

  • We made the app fit for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms to reach the maximum people

  • We focused on the layout and made it well-organized so that people can easily find products

  • We divided our team into groups, and each group was assigned different tasks so that we could meet the deadline

If You Are Interested In An App Like Setting Needs, Tell Us!

If you are in search of a similar mobile app, you need an expert’s help. At Magicmind, an efficient team of mobile app experts will guide you properly. Our mobile app development services are cost-effective, and we provide ongoing support. Let us know your requirements.


When this project came to us, we had arranged several meetings in the pre-development stage to create an effective strategy. Our approach was practical, and our plan triggered what needed the most for this project- convenient functioning on all three platforms. We paid attention to details- from colors and fonts to the interface. After development, our testers tested the app in the best possible way.

Navigation is the best asset of this app. It helps the users post a buying or selling description effortlessly. Also, it allows people who are looking for renting. Developing one platform for three parties was not easy, but our systematic approach has made it possible.

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