VT Cab- Another Gem Delivered By Magicmind. Taxi Booking Gets Facile With VT Cab


Booking a cab may sound simple, but at some points, people get frustrated. Our task was to free people from such hurdles. The main aim of VT app development was to provide people with app cab services. The users will need to sign up or log in to the app. Next, they will be asked to provide their pick up and drop off location. Immediately after booking the app, the users will be provided with the driver’s details.

To develop this app, we deployed HTML, CSS, and Jquery technologies. Booking app can be overburdened with the flow of browsing. We structured the framework keeping this thing in mind. VT can load quickly and does not take much time to fetch a nearby cab.

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  • UI & UX

  • Mobile App Development

  • Website Development

Key Challenges

  • Aggressive competition in the taxi market

  • Searching good drivers in a short period

  • Taxi allocation during peak hours

  • Making the app fit for all platforms

  • Increasing the loading speed of the app


  • We deployed AI to beat the competitors

  • We implemented Virtual Reality-based driver testing methods

  • We created a matching algorithm using AI to allocate nearby taxi

  • We made the app design responsive

  • We optimized the app for loading faster

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When we started the project, we knew that our tasks would not be easy. But we were determined that we will make it possible! And yes, we’ve made it possible. We planned for an AI-empowered app because smart features like finding skilled and nearby drivers need AI. We optimized the images and similar stuff several times to ensure the fast loading speed. Also, we experimented a lot with the layout, as navigation was one of our primary concerns.

Our hard work paid us back. The app passed the testing process quickly without any significant loopholes. It is doing pretty well. We’ve found that users are intensely appreciating VT Cab. That’s all we need!

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