5th, May 2020

Divi vs Elementor: which website builder is best for WordPress in 2020

Are you having a hard time choosing between Divi vs Elementor? These are two of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins used by website design companies in India.

Nevertheless, there are truly some important differences between Elementor and Divi that might push anyone to go one way or the other.

Firstly, let us start by looking into the features that are more or less the same between Elementor and Divi. Then, let us move on to look at what’s different.

Both Divi and Elementor provide visual, drag-and-drop interfaces and inline editing.

Both Divi and Elementor are two of the really better WordPress page builder plugins when it is the case of design and style options.

With both of them, any designs created, are responsive by default. The designs will work on computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Both Divi and Elementor are no longer limited to only one-off page content.

Both Divi and Elementor provide right-click support. So what would website development companies in India and abroad as well, resort to? Let us see by looking into the differences.

Divi vs Elementor: What are the Different things?

Elementor Has a Popup Builder

This is one of the biggest differences. The Elementor has its own popup builder tool, whereas Divi does not. With the Elementor Popup Builder, one can make use of the same Elementor interface to design popups and display them on one’s site. Nevertheless, you can still be able to make use of the full array of Elementor widgets. This signals that one can create:

  • Email opt-in popups
  • Login/registration popups
  • Promo/CTA popups
  • Etc.

Divi possesses Built-In A/B Testing

Well, if there is someone who is marketing-focused, that person would love the fact that Divi actually possesses built-in A/B testing. This optimizes the designs. Just by right-clicking on any module, one can try different:

  • Headlines
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Etc.

If the plan is to build landing pages and likewise, then one can find this feature to be quite useful.

Divi Comes in with both a Theme and a Plugin Version

Elementor is just a plugin. Yes the Elementor can offer its own barebones theme called Hello which is built to be used with Elementor Theme Builder. However Elementor is a standalone plugin. On the contrary, Divi has both a theme and a plugin version.

With the Divi theme, it is a guarantee that the theme and page builder will be in perfect sync. At the same time, yes, there are some actual third-party themes for Elementor. So the thing comes down to the fact that it’s not like you can’t get this with Elementor.

Divi Has Layout Packs and More Templates, Elementor mostly just has Templates

Both Divi and Elementor has a number of good-looking templates that can be import. However, the way they go about templates is slightly different.

With Divi, we get something called layout packs. Elementor’s templates are, actually, for the most part, just one-off templates. For example, you might find a landing page template or a services page template, but they aren’t necessarily themed together. That is why it is often preferred by digital marketing companies in India.

Elementor has a greater Third-Party Marketplace

One of the brilliant things about both Divi and Elementor is that one can find third-party extensions to actually improve the features in the core plugins. Actually, though both the page builders have great third-party marketplaces, the edge needs to be given to Elementor in this respect.

Elementor actually possess a free version and, eventually, a larger market share. This made the third-party developers create Elementor extensions.

Divi vs Elementor Pricing

Well this depends entirely on how many sites one needs to use it on.

First, the Elementor has a free version, and Divi only provides a premium version. If one needs to access the premium features, then the case is not really crystal clear. Elementor is definitely cheaper if one only needs to use it on a single website, while Divi will be cheaper if one needs to use it on multiple websites.

So, in short, Divi Builder is definitely cheaper to use across multiple websites. This might push someone to Divi’s direction. On the other hand, if you know that you only need a page builder for a single website, then Elementor Pro will be cheaper.

Using one against another will not do any wrong. So the thing it comes down to:

  • Think of the features that are needed. If one thinks of using the popup builder, Elementor is the answer. If built-in A/B testing is the requirement, Go with Divi.
  • The budget is important. Elementor Pro is cheaper for a single site, while Divi will be cheaper if one needs a page builder for multiple websites.
  • Think of your personal preferences as well before selecting them.