22nd, Jul 2022

Hire Phone Gap Developers for your Dream Mobile App

PhoneGap is an open-source cross-platform mobile application development framework that allows developers to build applications using HTML, JavaScript and CSS. PhoneGap was developed by Nitobi Software, now known as Adobe.


Hiring specialized engineering roles, such as web developer, full-stack engineer, front-end developer and others has grown 25% between 2019 and 2020. Companies and businesses are hiring developers but the question is how to find the best PhoneGap developer.

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Here are 7 Ways of hiring Experienced and Certified PhoneGap Developers-

  1. Job Portals- These are the best places for finding eligible candidates for every job requirement. They offer the best talents in the industry to choose from. You can sign in on any of the job portals and find the apt candidate for your requirements. These portals can also be classified into- General Job Portals, Location-based job boards and Remote job boards.

General Job portals– These are the more traditional mediums of recruitment. They offer thousands of jobs in almost every sector or industry. However, these also have filtration options that will enable you to zero in on candidates that match your specific job profiles. Some of the best non-tech specific job portals are as follows-

– > Naukri.com


– > Indeed


– > Glassdoor


– > LinkedIn


– > Monster


– > AngelList Talent



Location-Based Job Boards-

These are software development-specific job sites that offer the developer community the opportunity to share and connect with specific job opportunities. These sites offer location-based job and hiring solutions.  Some of these job boards are-

* CrunchBoard
* Dice
* Remote Masters
* Reddit
* Google Jobs

Remote Job Boards-

These job sites list software/application development job opportunities that are remote in nature, which means a developer has the privilege of working from anywhere he/she chooses. It should also be noted that few jobs might require a developer to work from the office or even follow the Hybrid working model, especially after the pandemic. Some of the remote job boards are-

* dev
* WeWorkRemotely
* PowerToFly-
* Remote OK
* Stack Overflow
* Remote Co
* Remotive
* Dynamic Jobs

Other Freelance Job Sites-

These sites connect recruiters to freelancing developers. These developers are hired on an hourly and monthly basis. Some of the freelancing job sites are-

* Guru
* Upwork
* Fiverr
* TopTal

2. Referrals- Referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring PhoneGap developers. These referrals include employees, associates, friends, family, and business partners. One advantage of it is you have direct contact with the developer. Apart from this, a sense of mutual trust is created between the developer and the employer. Having said all of that, it is also true that your network of acquaintances or friends or family limits the variety of developers you have access to. Nevertheless, this is one of the best ways of recruiting PhoneGap developers.


3. Facebook developers’ group- Facebook is crowded with a number of professional groups or developer communities. You can join those groups and search for apt candidates. You can also act on the recommendation of group members. Once you are a member of the group you can make posts in regards to hiring developers or privately reach out to some of the more active members.


4. On & Off-campus graduates- There is no better way of hiring than recruiting fresh talent who have just graduated. You can expand your outreach by providing special training and boot camps in relevant programming areas. The positive side to it is that you not only recruit fresh talent but also develop them along with the business.


5. Paid Ad campaigns- Direct advertisements and paid ads can target and find developers with specific skill sets. The next phase is scheduling an interview with apt candidates. The downside to this method is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You can advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google and LinkedIn. These online media can target both local and freelance developers.


6. Outsourcing- By outsourcing a third party you eliminate the headaches of hiring a developer full-time or on a contractual basis. There are a number of outsourcing companies that provide assistance. Through this, you are hiring a team of developers who have extensive experience in the field and no screening of the developers is required. So, the chances of delay are minimal. The only downside to it is you have no control or management of the team.


7. Developer conferences & seminars- this is a great way of finding a PhoneGap developer near your location. You can find out about developer conferences in your area by searching online. This gives you an opportunity to not only get closer to some of the top developers but also get to hear their thoughts and ideas. It is also plausible that you connect with developers on a personal level and get to know them well.


Why would you Hire a PhoneGap Developer?

It is essential for you to know why you would need the PhoneGap framework for your app before recruiting a PhoneGap developer. Keep scrolling to know why!

Cross-Platform compatibility-

App development is a tiresome job and maintaining codes for the same app on different platforms is even harder. PhoneGap is a cross-platform framework that is compatible with different mobile application platforms such as iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Tizen and Bada.

Developers can write one code for an application that will run on all different platforms. This eases the app development process for the developers.

If you as a business owner can run your app on all major mobile application platforms, you get the opportunity of reaching out to a wider audience group as you can target both Android and iOS users. This is absolutely profitable for almost all businesses.


Because you do not have to write separate code programs for different platforms, you save a lot of money as well as time. If your funds are short and you still want optimum leverage then PhoneGap is the right tool for your business app development.

Better Access to Native API features

PhoneGap gives developers access to the native APIs so that the app can use a camera, geolocation, accelerometer, contacts and all the other native features. This improves the user experience and gives them an impression of using a native app, which is far more superior when compared to web applications.

Technical Support from the large community base

If you are trying something new, then it is essential for you to have adequate support. The Cordova development community is one of the largest communities and is growing consistently. The people of this community are friendly, and you will get an answer for most of the problems. There are tons of examples and so many experienced members who will provide you with great support.

Flexibility and Simplicity of the technology

Cordova apps are built using simple languages like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. There is no need for you to learn new languages when you are planning to start developing a mobile app with PhoneGap. You can use the existing languages and write programs with ease.

PhoneGap has been available for a long time now and there are tons of libraries and frameworks to assist you. So, you can use various types of options available for better programming.

Backend Support-

PhoneGap has robust backend support which speeds up the development process and reduces the developer’s efforts. They also provide beginner guides for novice developers to understand the entire project easily.

Some of the other benefits of PhoneGap are-

* Enterprise PhoneGap App
* Source Code Authorization
* Easy Migration
* Multiple Engagement Models
* Well Tested PhoneGap Apps
* Customized Hiring Model
* Completely Value-Added Products
* Time & Cost-Efficient Development
*  Streamlined Project Development


Cost Of Recruiting a PhoneGap Developer

The median salary of a PhoneGap developer with 1-4 years of experience is $72,052 in the US according to PayScale.

Salaries of PhoneGap developers in different parts of the world


Some of the Drawbacks of PhoneGap-

Although PhoneGap is an alternative to Xamarin and shares a lot of features of a hybrid application, with time PhoneGap has got dated especially in Comparison to more modern mobile application techs such as React Native, and Flutter. PhoneGap is also plagued with cons that are detrimental to its popularity. Here are some of the drawbacks of PhoneGap-

PhoneGap does not support Plugins containing Hooks
It is not suitable for gaming apps
Need Mac systems to develop iOS apps
Outdated plugins.

Some PhoneGap applications are-

Wikipedia- the free encyclopedia
DHS program-Demographic and Health survey
Paylution- A hyper wallet technology
TripCase- A smart mobile app that helps users during their trips

Wrapping up!

Smartphones are now a universal device that we use to do almost everything. The reason for this is the emergence of mobile applications. Businesses are interested in investing in website or application development for their business requirement and hybrid applications are gaining more and more prominence. Websites are getting dated and users have shifted to applications, which means there is a wider audience for apps than websites. Thus, businesses are focusing on mobile applications for better ROI. Developing a cross-platform application for your business saves time and money. You should therefore consider hiring an experienced and certified PhoneGap Developer for your dream mobile application.