26th, May 2020

How Content Across Industries Will Change Due To COVID-19?

COVID-19 pandemic has almost rippled the idea of business growth, plummeting your sales and revenue in recent times. Expansion, on the other hand, has stalled for almost a year and a half. While some business sectors are seeing complete cessation of activities, sone others are manifesting dog-tired pace of functioning.  If to be summarized, it brings out a three-word story – ‘situation is critical’.

This outbreak has made marketing more challenging than ever for many conglomerates. Especially, content marketing is expected to change a lot across industries due to COVID-19. During this lockdown, as people are working from home, it’s an excellent time to push your content amongst your potential customers. Keeping in mind a few things, you can crate a great impact – let’s see how!

Potential drift in content due to COVID-19 pandemic

 These are unprecedented times, when different industries should bring changes in content writing strategies, based on the domain. And, the transformations must be made effective immediately. While planning out content strategies compatible with this rocky economic climate, here’re a few tips that you can consider –

What should you say in email marketing?

People out there are getting day-to-day information about coronavirus from respective governments and through media consumption. Some brands have also taken this brand awareness strategy, where they are sending emails on COVID-19 to their registered customers. So, enough of COVID-19 readings!

Look at your editorial calendar or campaign schedule and decide whether you want to walk down the same path as others. Would you like to mentally afflict your customers with daily coronavirus awareness?  Well, let your clients breathe, while you try your hands at something new.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is coronavirus impacting your audience? – find out how can you help them
  • Will your customers’ priorities and needs will changes post this pandemic? – decide how you to change the content pattern to reflect the upcoming drift
  • How far COVID-19 is impacting your products and services? – get wind of how to communicate that with your audience

Once you get hold of the answers to these questions, it becomes easier to identify whether you need to adjust the content type or need to add new content in your calendar. However, the bigger section of the content will still be relevant as your service or products is not going to change, of course. Remember, people will again need your service and goods post the lockdown, so keep sending brand-awareness emailers.

Maybe this strategy is tougher to implement as public is focusing on a global crisis at this moment and the worldwide phenomenon is dominating a news cycle, still it’s not impossible.  

Don’t be tone-deaf in your social media content

Businesses can never deny the influence of social media platforms on their brand. And it’s hard to control the trend running on digital space. The best trick is to flow with the stream. Right now, social content is focusing on COVID-19 information and awareness as updates continue to rise on international, national, and local news portals.

Nearly everyone is apprehensive of something related to the pandemic. So, empathy is the key here. Don’t try to alienate people or be tone-deaf on your social media page.

If you consider the big brands, you’ll find that some of the mammoths have gone quiet. A few others are slightly pushing ideas, other than the virus, that you can’t drop off the map. Like Sephora is putting forth their normal content on tweeter. But they’ve also tweeted on COVID-19, which has gone viral among their followers. It’s a subtle way of showing that you are going to chugging along, while not denying the global crisis.

Slack’s way of social media marketing is also very interesting. It has pinned a COVID-related awareness post at the top of their newsfeed and posting daily its service-related content. These contents are mostly tips and hacks that the brand is great at offering.

If you take these strategies into account, rather than pretending to dumb, then you can show your audience that you care for them and also wish for the world to get-well soon.

How to project link-building content?

If you are aware of digital PR, then you must know the challenges behind the job. It’s not easy to create content according to publishers’ field of interest, while promoting your brand through it, and pitching the content to the publisher. But this strategy has proved to be extremely beneficial, over and over again, in terms of building links, brand awareness, referral traffic, and more.

During this crisis season, the challenge is more as it’s difficult to find a publisher, who doesn’t only focus on breaking news. The key is to find a publishing portal, where you can stick to your particular beat during this outbreak. Thankfully, not every publisher or writer is after COVID-19 information and awareness. Maybe because they exhausted every angle of the virus update or because they understand that the readers need a space for breathing.

While you make a choice of your topic, we recommend a few tangentially-related ones with coronavirus.

  • Working from home
  • Time management
  • Political news and satires
  • Virtual homeschooling
  • Introversion/extroversion
  • Healthcare and insurance

You can also find so many other relevant topics. Not necessarily, it has to be something associated with the virus all the time, if you want to pitch something absolutely unrelated then keep it that way. But better not to exhaust your crowd with same updates on death, outcrop, and lockdown extensions. In fact, your best bet can be appealing to the traffic who still needs market-oriented material, even in difficult times like this.

An example for your perusal

You can understand the difference if you make a comparison between CNN and Treehugger. While the former is busy covering every update of COVID-19, the latter is preferring more industry-related content for publishing.

News channels are inundated with COVID information, so there’s no need to influence the readership anymore. Business contents don’t need to be another key source of such updates, instead try to remind people of the hindered services and product manufacturing that hope to start soon. Continue being informative and engaging about your offerings.

Marketing approaches and ideas during the outbreak

Yes, times are tight and there’s no denial. But you can’t just wash off everything of your hand. Plan the future of brand through today’s marketing. Stay connected with people as you are here to serve them. Check out the ideas below and try implementing these:

  • Don’t make knee-jerk decisions and out of panic
  • Stay relevant and improve your online presence
  • Make a strong bond with customers on social media
  • Use more and more PPC advertising
  • Maintain you brand name and online presence
  • Don’t forget to improve your site’s SEO
  • Adapt your services to the circumstances
  • Plan your future marketing during this lockdown

Content marketing summits annulled due to coronavirus

Have a look at this long list if international content marketing and tech summits affected due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Connect with our insightful journey

We expect you all to stay safe during this outbreak, while we keep you updated and informed of our services and products. Our marketers and digital PR believe in maintaining a balance within our content section. On one hand, we are providing information on COVID-19, on the other hand we are keeping you notified of our offerings. Read of your choice, but never jam-pack your mind with coronavirus updates. It will affect your healthy living, and we don’t want that to happen!