16th, Jun 2020

How Paid Ad Campaigns Performed During The COVID-Crisis?

The global outbreak of novel coronavirus has turned into a long-stretched pandemic that no one knows when and where it will end. As an effect to which, it is driving nervous commitments to paid digital ad campaigns. Marketers are making confused decisions about the retention and exclusion of media channels from social paid-ad campaign calendar.

From social media optimization services in India to video marketing agencies in US, every body is spending hours in deciding the worthy-of-expending entities. Keeping this dilemma in mind, here’s presenting the little secret of paid-ad COVID-19 realty.

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Crisis-driven realty of social media paid-ads

Slowly and gradually, the novel coronavirus is turning into a “new normal” from an initially unknown entity. We have to learn to live with this, maintain social safety protocols. No matter how hard you try, keeping your hands-off from work and sitting idle cannot be continued for lifetime.

Considering a little improvement in the situation, services are resuming and shops are re-opening. It’s a big change definitely, but there have been many minor changes throughout the shutout period. For example, that what happened with paid-ad campaigns in March, the result altered in the month of April and so on. Let’s take a quick look at a few points:

Initial projection showed paid search as the highest hit

Close to the end of March, a survey by digital marketers have shown that paid search proved to be highly beneficial during this lockdown period. In fact, paid search fared best in comparison to digital video, live TV broadcast, display, and social media paid campaigns. Further it has been found that paid search manifested highest retained budgets and lowest decrease response, whereas, paid social and display reflected high decreases. Digital video also didn’t work very well throughout the month of March. According to e-marketers, this result is logical as the use of search is mostly on demand-side, unlike the other channels that follow top or mid-funnel strategies.

Paid search condition in the crisis-driven month of April

In comparison to the month of March, April has a different story to say. The paid search that became the biggest hit in March, couldn’t perform well in the very next month, April. A few detrimental factors have driven the projection down the deep-steep. In a survey, the decline has been found to be severe compared to 2019 and the loss equates to anywhere between $2.5 billion to $4.2 billion.

However, besides the small and medium sized brands, there’re a few industry mammoths that charge up the SEO paid campaigns. If to be mentioned a name, Amazon is a great example. It has significantly reduced the expenditure in response to demand and using it as a tool to focus on essential items for consumers.

What lies in the future?

It’s true nobody can see the actual future, but everybody can make a guess giving the current scenario a shot. And the evaluation of the existing scenario is only making the future unpredictable. Well, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any business or leads. Rather it means, traffics will continue to come but challenge will increase as the best-media is hard to judge. With every passing month, there’s a change in traffic behavior which is going to make the marketers’ tasks even tougher. But with patience and potential, every hurdle can be crossed successfully.