8th, Apr 2020

HOW SEO Can Help Small Businesses During the COVID19 Pandemic

Since the day COVID-19 emerged as a pandemic, our lives have changed. We all are stuck in our homes to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Small firms and enterprises are contributing to the prevention factor by decreasing their sales or suspending many activities. But the businesses have actually started feeling the toll on their brand.

Let us go through several tips on how SEO can help businesses adjust to the challenges and set their campaigns to survive the pandemic crisis.

Rethink the Way You Do Business

How businesses are promoting their brand makes a lot of difference. They are not selling products anymore. Rather, they are selling ideas and advice.

Online businesses often create content and wrap in their product directly or indirectly. But in this pandemic, customers are not interested in reading general blogs.

What your customers are right now focused on:

*Finding ways to prevent getting affected by the virus.

*Various ways to ease the struggles of working from home

*Tips to cope with anxiety

*How to do business or continue your business from home

*Find everything near their home

*If you can help with any of these ways, you can again set your business properly.

Look into and find out the Crisis-Proof Products or Features

Many businesses are having a tough time figuring out what they should share and the ways to sell their products at the same time.

In the time of social distancing, it is more difficult to help customers who are quarantining at home and drive their demand.

In such a situation, you have to change the products and, not the business. This is the suggestion that would be coming from any SEO service provider in India worth their salt!

If you have an automobile business, selling vehicles in the time of crisis sound irrelevant..

So you might indulge in finding more ways to sell your products that help customers in some way without leaving their homes. You can start with your neighborhood and can put the effort in Local SEO.

Maintain Positive Communication

The crisis is affecting almost all aspects of our daily life. It is something you have to keep in mind while carving out your marketing strategy and content.

That’s why simply if you go online and sell products under the garb and the name of COVID-19, you may end up ruining your brand reputation.

You have to check your strategies and content, and make sure that each message your content sends out is suitable for the current crisis.

Also, do maintain a positive relationship with clients because positivity is all we need now…

Go Live with Your Business

The way to make people listen to your business and brand is by going live.

People are working from home. They are maintaining social distancing. Going live and talking with your customers online will give them a break from daily loneliness.

Turn into a Mentor with your brand

One thing that helps right now is becoming a mentor instead of representing yourself as a brand. Try to look at the situation and the world from the eyes of your customers. Share whatever knowledge you have, with them and walk side by side.

Expanding your current products and services beyond your business arena is also the perfect move to show your help and care for the audience.


Plan out the Post-Pandemic Picture

While the end of the pandemic is nowhere to be seen, there are still many efforts that can me be made, that can help businesses to bounce back strong.

One of these steps is seeing the big picture of the post-pandemic era and putting your brand plan accordingly. Chalk it out…

 Think about what it would be after three or six months of pandemic-era..

Will there be new challenges and opportunities? And so on.

During that time, your business will need a background where there is a demand. Look ahead and envision a demand. This will help your business to gather the resources that people are in need of.

To put it in a simple way, your strategies must align, with what’s in demand.