11th, May 2020

How to ace the sales copywriting game in 2020

What can be your copywriting strategy of 2020? What are the best copywriting formulas? What do they have in common? They are easy to remember, they can help beginners and as well as experienced copywriters, to rapidly build effective copy. And to top it, they also have brilliant track records.

Now let us see as to how to ace the sales copywriting game in 2020! We will look at some formulae for this. These are eventually used to benefit some of the best content writing services as well.

Content Strategy Approaches that Deliver

The 4Cs

Now let’s break it down.

Clear: The copy should be understood by everyone.

Concise: Try to give information in the fewest possible words.

Compelling: Copy must be interesting, so that your audience actually likes to read. Focus on the needs, problems, and desires of the readers.

Credible: Now, your copy should be credible. You should publish whitepapers, leadership articles, and testimonials for this.

Problem, agitate, solution (PAS)

This is claimed to be an old school copywriting formula but an effective one, in which the writer comes up with a problem that the reader experiences. Then the writer resorts to emotional language to trigger the issue, and then offers a solution.

When used in a correct manner, the problem, agitate, solution copywriting formula eventually builds up the reader’s full attention. This is an approach that is much favoured by digital marketing companies in India.

Bridge after bridge

This starts on a positive note instead of a negative one in PAS.

In order to use Bridge after Bridge, you should know the audience’s requirements and wants. And these, you have to describe in the first line. Then, you can go on to use examples to elucidate.

Back up. Just back up these things by showing tangible benefits. Finally, conclude it with a powerful call to action.

Attention, interest, desire, action (AIDA)

This calls on the copywriter to capture the reader’s attention with the writing. This requires attracting the reader’s attention and interest to the said product or service; making the reader demand or desire the product or service; and, in the end, calling on the reader to take action.

Arouse Interest with Great Stories

Stories are a great alternative to formulae.

 Well stories work extremely well, why don’t you not use them by default? And after that you can always remove them if you feel there’s a good reason to. SEO and marketing bloggers always advocate for storytelling. Yes the condition is that those stories should include character, conflict, and resolution. We have all been telling each other stories for hundreds and thousands of years. It is since long ago, a part of our history of evolution. And this one of the reasons why storytelling is this effective as a copywriting technique. Storytelling can as well be about a company or a person from the company, selling the product.  It is true that Copywriting might not always need “plans”, but it is always better to expand the repertoire. These may be really useful for nascent writers wanting to enhance and also validate their style. So if you are suddenly jammed with writing ads or have found yourself struggling to find words to write on the page, give these tips a try for a great boost.