8th, May 2020

How to find your target audience for free in 2020 despite COVID19

Worried about digital marketing during COVID-19? Well, COVID-19 and its financial burdens have resulted in SMBs finding for affordable ways to market their brand. The positive scenario behind this is that more and more people are spending time online than ever before.

Well there are plenty of methods to reach your audience digitally without spending, and these can be used by digital marketing firms in India and outside as well! Let us look into them!

Update the Google My Business profile

The Google My Business profile is the free listing for a business on both Google Maps and Google Local Search results. Due to the pandemic, and also the physical shut-downs, and restricted travel, consumers are resorting to even more “near me” and “open now” searches on Google. Not to mention, they are also searching for delivery and online payment options.

Proper and relevant blog posts

The internet can be said to be jammed right now with COVID-19 related blogs, but somehow you are worried why you can’t still show up on the first page of a Google search. The trick is, long-tail keywords, specific to your niche.

Want us to share a bonus strategy? Of course we will. Here’s something: Create a free Google Shopping listing

Be on Facebook Live

More people are watching live videos right now and that is more than ever before. You should be aware that, Facebook Live viewers have increased up to 50%. There are right now so many utilities and uses of the free Facebook marketing feature, like let’ say answering COVID-19 customer questions, proper relevant advice, or an article related to workouts at home!

How about a lucky draw giveaway!

If your brand is necessary, open and delivering, it might be a good idea to bring in extra delight! Also you might want to add some mystery! As with Facebook, try a giveaway, where the orders placed within a particular duration frame run for a free treat. Then one lucky winner can be announced!

Community check

Everytime you do not need to come up with a down-toned post to stand out to your audience. A proper, heart-felt post with an intention to stand by and wish your audience and community well, can be the game changer. 

Use COVID-19 hashtags on Instagram

Hashtags are totally free. They are also very powerful ways to increase social media visibility.There are, of course, few things you can consider, like:

Rather than using #COVID19, try something like #covidhometime #covidsafety or #covidhomeschooling.

Use COVID-friendly captions

  • Keep your captions light. They should not be extremely specific;
  • Check your captions for accuracy.
  • When you are giving updates, usecaptions that go with essentials only.

Trying to reach your audience on Twitter? Let’s help you out.

Repurpose reviews on Twitter

Part of a big Twitter strategy of yours should be, taking quotes from positive customer reviews and creating tweets out of them. 

Support other local businesses during COVID-19

Under this, you can offer to share various different local businesses for every tweet regarding their services. It is good to try this strategy for your business! It’s an excellent way to get nearer to your new audiences on Twitter. This you can do while also aiding other local businesses who are struggling due to COVID-19.

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