9th, Aug 2022

How To Hire An iOS Developer To Boost Your Business

What is iPhone app development?

iOS app development is developing mobile applications using Apple-powered iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad. The primary programming language used for making applications in Swift and Objective C. The demand for iOS apps has increased, so businesses looking to enter this competitive market should consider hiring an iOS developer.

Who is an iOS developer?

An iOS developer builds applications for mobile devices run on Apple’s iOS. They must be qualified in both Swift and Objective-C programming languages used in iOS app development.

Some of the popular ways of hiring iOS developers-

  1. Job Portals- Job portals are the best source of expert and experienced developers. These are not always industry-specific, but they work just fine. Some of the job portals for hiring iOS developers are-

* Naukri.com


* Indeed


* Glassdoor


* LinkedIn


* Monster
* AngelList
* Upwork
* Devteam.space
* Stack Overflow


  1. Referrals- Referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring iOS developers. These referrals include employees, associates, friends, family, and business partners. One advantage of it is you have direct contact with the developer. Apart from this, a sense of mutual trust is created between the developer and the employer. Having said all of that, it is also true that your network of acquaintances, friends, or family limits the variety of developers you can access. Nevertheless, this is one of the best ways of recruiting iOS developers.
  2. On & Off-campus graduates- There is no better way to hire fresh talent who has just graduated. The positive side to it is that you not only recruit new talent but also develop them along with the business. You can expand your outreach by providing special training and boot camps in relevant programming areas.
  3. .Paid Ad campaigns- Direct and paid ads can target and find developers with specific skill sets. The next phase is scheduling an interview with apt candidates. The downside to this method is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You can advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google and LinkedIn. These online media can target both local and freelance developers.
  1. Facebook developers’ group is crowded with several professional groups or developer communities. You can join those groups and search for apt candidates. You can also act on the recommendation of group members. Once you are a group member, you can post about hiring developers or privately reach out to some of the more active members.
  2. Developer conferences & seminars- this is an excellent way of finding an iOS developer near your location. You can find out developer conferences in your area by searching online. This allows you to not only get closer to some of the top developers but also get to hear their thoughts and ideas. It is also plausible that you connect with developers personally and get to know them well.
  3. Freelancing platforms- You can hire iOS developers from freelancing platforms such as Upwork & Fiverr. The price ranges from cheap to expensive. One positive side is that it can speed up the hiring process, even though it can cost. The only problem is that you cannot test the developer’s skills.
  4. Outsourcing- By outsourcing a third party, you eliminate the headaches of hiring a developer full-time or on a contractual basis. Through this, you are hiring a team of developers with extensive experience in the field, and no screening of the developers is required. So, the chances of delay are minimum. The only downside is that you have no control or management of the team. There are a number of outsourcing companies that assist.


Things to keep in mind while hiring an iOS developer-

– > Analyzing Project requirements– Before moving on to the app development phase, it is crucial to ascertain the needs and objectives of the app. Every industry has its prerequisites. These requirements and intent include selecting app programming language, selecting a platform or framework for the app, understanding budget constraints, integrating features in the app, payment modules, security and more.

Besides, the app’s targeted country is an essential factor. iOS and Android are the two platforms to choose from. For a country like China or India, Android would be the better option. Thus, these requirements and details form the foundation for app development.

-> The skill of a developer- Apple has stringent app submission policies and guidelines that have to be met. Thus, a developer’s skill is essential, especially for iOS, which is updated every passing day, and new features are added. Thus, a developer must be privy to the latest tools and technologies. A developer must be well-versed in programming languages, APIs, frameworks, and architecture.

Apart from these skill sets, the developer’s experience counts more than how many programming languages they might know. The experience refers to previous iOS app development projects a developer had worked on or been part of. The complexity of these projects can be a yardstick for analyzing the skills of iOS developers. So, while hiring an iOS developer, verify a developer’s skill sets and experiences by checking out their previous works.

Benefits of hiring an iOS developer- 

* Enriched experience of iPhone App Development
* Have services from top iOS developers
* Flexible hiring
* Quality iOS/iPhone Products
* Perfect iPhone Development Services
* Enhanced Security Features
* Reduced Maintenance Cost
* In-depth Knowledge of Database Integration
* Advanced Knowledge of iPhone Programming
* Latest Technology & Tools


Grades of iOS developers

– > Junior iOS Developers– Junior iPhone app developers work under the supervision of Senior developers and start with executing less complicated tasks. These types of employees are expected to become Mid-level specialists in a year.

Junior hiring is appropriate if you have a team of advanced-level tech engineers and many mundane chores to clear up. That is a cost-saving approach. The experience of a junior iOS developer is less than two years.

-> Middle iOS Developers– can work on both simple and advanced tasks. This type of specialist does not require full-time supervision of senior iOS developers. Since mid-level developers can work on a project individually and independently, you may assign advanced tasks to them and ask Middle-grade staff to manage a development team that consists of their peers or more Junior staff. The experience of a mid-level iOS developer is between 2 to 5 years.

-> Senior iOS developer- can solve advanced complications and manage the whole development department. They can also lead product testing, manage business processes, conduct API integration and participate in market research. The experience of a senior iOS developer is five years and more.


Developers job types 

*  Contract-to-hire- is an agreement to work in a specific job role, in this case as an iOS developer, for a set period. Developers are hired contractually for a particular project or job role.

*  Hybrid- is a mix of both in-office and remote work, in which an employee can pick and choose. This is currently the most preferred mode of work for developers, as there is an element of flexibility regarding the place of work.

* Part-time- another mode of working requires an employee to work in a specific role for a limited amount of time in a day. The full-time developer also opts for part-time jobs during their leisure and earns a little more.

* Full-time- This is the most prevalent mode of working to date. Companies hire developers full-time to develop them into valuable assets for the company. In a full-time job, a developer is entitled to all employee benefits.

*  Remote- is a mode in which the developers are not required to come to the office. They can work from their homes or else. They will report to their department head or team lead via the internet.

*  Freelance- As mentioned above, freelancing is also a famous work mode for developers as they are not stuck to one company or one type of work. Instead, they can work on a variety of projects and even earn more than a full-time developer.

Cost of hiring an iOS developer-

The cost of hiring an iOS developer depends on many factors such as qualification & skills, experience, location, technology and complexity of the job.

According to Glassdoor, the average hourly cost of an iOS developer ranges from $25 to $150.

The Average cost of hiring iOS developers in different countries

cost of hiring ios developer


Challenges of hiring an iOS developer-

  1. The scarcity of iOS developers as the ecosystem of iOS developers is small.
  2. iOS app development requires iOS devices that are often more expensive.
  3. iOS is not as profitable as a platform in many developing countries, where android is the platform to go with.
  4. Due to the constant up-gradation of the iPhones year after year, developers have difficulty keeping up with the latest technology. And gauging a developer’s updated technical capabilities is challenging for any recruiter.



With over 6.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, it’s no surprise that the mobile app industry is booming. App usage and smartphone penetration are still growing without any signs of slowing down. Thus, the demand for iOS developers is very high as they are skilled in taking a business to new dimensions and boosting overall business.