26th, Jul 2022

How to Hire Angular JS Developer

What is Angular?

AngularJS is an open-source framework developed and supported by Google.

Angular was developed in 2010 and was called AngularJS but after a complete redesign of the Framework in 2014, it was called Angular 2 or simply Angular.

It is a front-end technology. Front-end development is essential for the quality of the finished digital product as the visual aspect is integral to any web application.

In order to hire an Angular programmer, you must be absolutely sure what Angular is and what is it used for.

The updated Framework is based on the TypeScript programming language and is used to develop some of the most complex web applications.


Here are 6 Channels for hiring Angular developer

1. Job Portals- These are one of the most traditional ways of recruiting. There are various forms of job portals, but we would discuss only the industry-specific ones here. Recruiters look for appropriate candidates in these portals worldwide for eligible candidates. Here are some of the best portals you can look for Angular developers-

* Naukri.com


* Indeed


* LinkedIn



* Glassdoor


* Monster



Other popular job sites are

* TopTal
* Angular Jobs
* io
* Upwork
* space
* Stack Overflow


2. Research and Review platforms- These platforms work best if you are thinking of hiring software developers for your app project. On these platforms, you can compare different service providers, read reviews and assess their experience. Here are some of the platforms-

– GoodFirms – A research and review platform that matches software buyers and service seekers with the best software team.

– Clutch.co– A B2B rating and review company that identifies leading IT companies based on customer reviews.

 – YouTeam– A YCombinator-backed platform for hiring remote software development teams. It’s the perfect platform for building remote teams in a short period of time.

– TopDevelopers– A B2B rating and review platform that helps you hire the best IT company or team for your project. You have two options: enter your service category and get a list of the best service providers, or outline your project requirements and let the platform representatives come up with the best choice.


3. Referrals– Referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring developers. These referrals include employees, associates, friends, family, and business partners. One advantage of it is you have direct contact with the developer. Apart from this, a sense of mutual trust is created between the developer and the employer. Having said all of that, it is also true that your network of acquaintances or friends or family limits the variety of developers you have access to. Nevertheless, this is one of the best ways of recruiting Angular developers.

4. Recruiting Campus Graduates- There is no better way of hiring than recruiting fresh talent who has just graduated. You can expand your outreach by providing special training and boot camps in relevant programming areas. The positive side to it is that you not only recruit fresh talent but also develop them along with the business.

5. Direct Advertisements- Direct advertisements and paid ads can target and find developers with specific skill sets. The next phase is scheduling an interview with apt candidates. The downside to this method is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You can advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google and LinkedIn. These online media can target both local and freelance developers.

6. Attend Developer Conference and Seminar- this is a great way of finding a developer near your location. You can find out developer conferences in your area by searching online. This gives you an opportunity to not only get closer to some of the top developers but also get to hear their thoughts and ideas. It is also plausible that you connect with developers on a personal level and get to know them well.

Some of the best aspects of Angular Framework that can help your business grow

Every tool has a specific objective and scope and so does Angular. You must know before hiring an Angular developer, the capabilities of Angular. Angular is a front-end technology that has no match in certain aspects such as-

* Web Applications- Angular is a great framework for developing flexible and scalable web applications for businesses of all sizes and sectors. Apart from flexibility, businesses also get a secured solution that they can rely on.

* Platform migration- legal portability is another excellent solution for improving the operation of business applications, their performance, flexibility and expansion of functionality due to the transition to more modern technology.

* UI/UX development- Angular can create a custom design for web applications, which will correspond to corporate design and offer a great user experience.

* Custom Development- Specialized businesses need efficient, flexible and reliable web solutions for their businesses. Angular offers great customizability that will be reliable in the future.


Some of the Responsibilities of an Angular Developers-

– Front-end development– Angular developers are responsible for the development of interactive front-end parts of various web and mobile apps, especially single-page applications. Angular developers build high-performance software.

– RESTful APIs– Angular UI developers have to be qualified in JavaScript language, and be good at HTML and CSS languages as well. A developer should write codes that can be tested automatically without obstacles, well documented and the codes should meet the terms of specifications and other technical aspects.

– Work with external data sources and APIs– A developer should understand and have the appropriate skills to get access to external data sources and APIs in case it is necessary to extract the data from any third-party services.

– Bug fixing– After the completion of the front-end, QA engineers perform tests to detect any possible bugs. If some error or issue arises the developers are to fix the problem asap. Angular developers deal with codes written by other developers and they might need to find a bug and fix it. So,a programmer must know to read others’ codes.

– Unit testing– Developers using Angular should perform unit testing after each development phase. It is a mandatory responsibility of an Angular developer. Testing of components, services, complex testing, testing of code units and more. Quality Assurance services can be implemented using tools integrated into Angular.




For Front-end development your best choice is Angular JS. The tool creates a unique UI and offers a seamless user experience to the user. If you are thinking of developing your own Web application you must consider hiring an Angular JS developer.