1st, Aug 2022

How to Hire CakePHP Developers for Your Next Project

What is CakePHP?

CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development and maintenance framework for web applications built in PHP that aims to enable developers to work in a structured and rapid manner without the loss of flexibility. It is based on the concept of MVC architecture, which helps in developing PHP web applications easily and simply, with less code. CakePHP helps segregate business lo0gic from the data layer and presentation layer.

Who Is a CakePHP developer?

A CakePHP developer is someone responsible for writing server-side web-application logic using the CakePHP framework. They usually develop back-end components, connect the application with other (third-party) web services and support the front-end developers by integrating their work with the application.

Let us check out some of the ways of hiring CakePHP developers-

CakePHP’s feature set has been growing since its introduction in 2005, which means developers are required to have spent a considerable amount of time with the framework and have a thorough knowledge of the framework.

However, finding a good CakePHP developer often involves finding a good PHP developer who has the understanding and interest in using CakePHP when asked to work on a PHP-based project. But if your requirement is for an advanced CakePHP developer, a junior or mid-level PHP developer is under-qualified for the job. In such cases, it is recommended that you post a requirement-specific job advertisement to avoid confusion and waste of time. Here are some ways to find and hire CakePHP developers

– > Job Portals- These job portals are the most traditional way of finding and segregating candidates with specific skill sets according to your business needs. You can post job advertisements on these portals. Also, make sure that your job advertisement perfectly aligns with your business requirement and is not a general job advertisement. This will help candidates understand the requirements of the jobs posted and they will not apply randomly or arbitrarily. Job portals with time have evolved. These portals can be further divided into- General Job Portals, Location-based job boards, Remote job boards and Freelance platforms.

Some of the most popular General job portals are:

* Naukri.com

* Indeed

* Glassdoor

* LinkedIn

* Monster



Some of the Location-based Job Boards are:

* CrunchBoard
* Dice
* Remote Master
* Reddit
* Google jobs

Some of the remote Job Boards are:

* dev
* WeWorkRemotely
* PowerToFly
* Remote OK
* Stack Overflow
* Remote Co
* Remotive
* Dynamic Jobs

Some of the Freelance Job Sites are:

* Guru
* Upwork
* Fiverr
* TopTal

– > Referrals- Referrals are one the most effective ways of finding and hiring CakePHP developers. This is considered one of the best ways of recruitment because as a recruiter you get first-hand information about a probable candidate and his/her technical knowledge and experience. It is possible that the person who has referred a developer might have worked with the referred candidate and thus knows the candidate inside-out. This information is essential when recruiting a candidate who is required to have specific technical skills and experiences. It can also happen that person referring the developer was a former employer of the candidate. In such a case, the information provided by a former employer is absolute and full-proof. Thus, helping you make a more well-informed decision.

– > Social Media- Social media is crowded with developer forums/communities and groups. Facebook in particular has hundreds of developer groups and communities. You can join those groups and enq2uire to the more active members about expert CakePHP developers or any developer for that matter. They can also post jobs along with specific job requirements on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This is bound to attract responses from developers looking for jobs.

– > Campus Recruitments- There is nothing better than recruiting fresh talent and bringing them onto the floor. It not only brings new energy to the floor but also new ideas. These freshers can be further up-skilled by providing training on specific tech, as per the requirements of the business.

– > Research and Review Platforms- These platforms offer you a unique proposition of comparing different service providers, reading reviews and assessing their experience. Thus, giving you a chance to get closer and interact with world-class developers from around the world. Some of these research and review platforms are:

* GoodFirms: This is a research and review platform that matches software buyers and services seekers with the best software development team.

* Clutch.co: A B2B rating and review company that identifies leading IT companies, based on customer reviews.

* YouTeam: A YCombinator-backed platform for hiring remote software development teams. It’s the perfect platform for building remote teams in a short period.

* ToPDevelopers: A B2B rating and review platform that helps you hire the best IT company or team for your project

– >Outsourcing- Outsourcing a third party will eliminate all your headaches of hiring a developer for full-time or on a contractual basis. This enables you to hire a team of developers with extensive experience without any screening or assessment as the outsourcing agency has done it already. This saves you a lot of time and energy and hence the chances of delay are minimum. The only negative is that you have no control over the development team as they are not your employee and do not report to you.

Process of hiring CakePHP developers- The different phases of recruitment:

Recruitment today is not what it used to be at least a decade ago, especially after the pandemic. The mediums, the mode and the nature of hiring have changed greatly. Yet, recruitment is an ongoing process and businesses never stop hiring as new business requirements emerge every passing day hence candidates with certain skill sets are hired for the business. The recruitment process is long and tiresome. Here in this section, we will breakdown the process into different phases and discuss them briefly-

  1. Finding Candidates with certain skill sets and experiences: In the preceding section, we have already discussed various ways you can find developers with knowledge and experience in technologies your business requires. The first phase of recruitment has to be finding candidates with certain technical prowess and skill sets.
  2. Fix a face-to-face or virtual interview: After finding probable candidates whose skills and experiences align with your business requirements, you have to schedule a face-to-face or virtual interview with the candidate to get a better understanding of their skill sets and experiences. Besides this, you can also gauge their soft skills like interpersonal skills, their communication skills, ability to work within a team and leadership skills, which are crucial if you want to put together a development team for your upcoming projects.

You can assess a developer’s previous experience by checking out their previous development projects that have gone live on the web. That would tell you a lot about a developer’s work experience and the complexity of the project they were associated with.

To understand a developer’s technical knowledge and skills, you can prepare a list of questions relevant to the technology concerned, which is CakePHP in this case and throw some of those at the developer and see how they fare.

Some of the interview questions when hiring a CakePHP developer are:

* Explain CakePHP and why is it used.

* Features of CakePHP?

* What are hooks in CakePHP?

* How to set a layout in CakePHP from the controller?

* Which caching engines are supported by CakePHP?

  1. Selecting the most eligible candidates: In this phase, a candidate is made aware of his/her roles and responsibilities in detail, and their tentative salaries. On accepting these responsibilities and salaries and after successfully getting through the screening and interview process the most eligible candidates are selected for the job.
  2. Documentation and Validation: In this phase of recruitment all the documents and credentials of the candidates are validated to avoid being cheated with false documents and credentials. Some companies do a thorough background verification to know if the candidate has any criminal record which would be detrimental to the team and the business in general.

Why would you Hire CakePHP Developers?

CakePHP is used to develop web applications. Developers use CakePHP to write back-end logic in the PHP programming language. It is estimated that more than 100,000 websites are built using CakePHP worldwide.

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Here are some reasons why developers choose CakePHP over other frameworks:

  1. Code Reusability: CakePHP lets users develop codes that could be reused. So, the user can deploy a single code several times, which leads to a reduction in time and effort of the developers. Moreover, there is no need to write codes from the beginning.    
  2. No configuration required: The CakePHP developers do not need to commit time executing the configuration job as they do not need to indicate things anywhere in code like location details, URL, or library of the website. The only thing required is to set up the connection settings of the database properly.
  3. Open-Source: if you are having budget constraints and want to develop a web application, the best option available to you is CakePHP, as it is free to use. Yet it is feature-packed. It is your best bet if you want to save time and money.
  4. Easy Code Testing: To develop a website successfully you would want to avoid making errors and so it needs testing at multiple layers. CakePHP allows developers easy testing opportunities, unlike any other web development framework. It has features that enable you to test your codes multiple times and without any issues.
  5. Built-in Library: As CakePHP is part of PHP, it comes with many built-in libraries. These libraries help in the process of web development. These libraries allow developers to make robust websites without too much coding.

Some of the benefits of Hiring CakePHP developers:

* Products focus on a global audience

* Source Code Authorisation

*  Multiple Engagement Model

* Certified Products

* Rapid & robust development

* Enterprise Application Development

Cost of hiring a CakePHP Developer:

The median salary of a CakePHP developer is around $88,388 per annum in the United States of America. And the average cost of hiring a freelance CakePHP developer is around $46 per hour in the US. These rates can vary depending on the location, experience of the developer, availability, etc.


The web development domain is going through continuous changes and updates; hence developers and businesses are opting for open-source products to develop dynamic websites and other online business promotion tools. Developers need to reduce the coding and CakePHP allows just that. This is why CakePHP is developers’ favourite web development framework. It also allows businesses to carry out web development at a rapid pace. Further, it is loaded with numerous classes and features that help in reducing the time for development and increases the productivity of the web application. Thus, if you are thinking of starting your new web development project you must consider hiring CakePHP developers from Magicmind Technologies.