29th, Jul 2022

How to Hire CodeIgniter Developers to Boost Your Start-up

What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is an MVC-based PHP web app development framework. It is an open-source software used to develop custom heavy websites with PHP frameworks. Controller modules are an important division of the development process, views and models are voluntary. CodeIgniter can be customized to apply the Hierarchical Model View Controller, which allows developers to preserve the grouping of controller, view and models assembled in a sub-directory system.

The framework is popular among developers and businesses for its speed and lesser code as compared to the rest of the PHP frameworks.

Some of the Features of CodeIgniter are-

* Faster and light-weight
* MVC Framework
* Scalable
* Highly Secured
* PHP framework
* Testing facilities
* Lesser codes
* Exceptional documentation


Some of the biggest names from the industry use CodeIgniter for their web development process-

* Accenture
* Grindr
* Amplify
* Medtronic
* Sprout Social
* SocialDog

How to find, screen and recruit an eligible candidate-

Recruitment is not an easy job, particularly when it comes to hiring candidates with specific skill sets and experience. It takes a lot to recruit a top CodeIgniter developer. Here we will break down the whole recruitment process for a CodeIgniter Developer. The breakdown is done in four Phases-

  1. Finding Candidates with desired skill sets and experience- This is the first challenge recruiters face. As businesses have various requirements the demand for skills and experience are specific. For instance, a Sales and Marketing company would require a candidate with excellent communication and interpersonal skills, similarly, a web development company would require a candidate with specific skill sets and experience in the latest technologies or technologies that are in use in that particular company or industry.

Not all humans possess the required skill sets, thus you need to look through a magnifying glass to find one. One of the most effective ways of finding such skilled manpower is to sign in to different Job Portals, Scroll through different candidates on freelancing platforms, referrals and Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Some of the most Popular Job Portals are-



– Glassdoor



Some of the Popular Freelancing Platforms are-

– Upwork
– Fiverr
– Guru
– TopTal
– Stack Overflow
– Remote OK


  1. Scheduling a Face-to-face or virtual interview- The second phase of recruitment involves a thorough screening of the candidates that are scheduled for an interview. Here the recruiter’s job is to assess the skill sets and experiences of the interviewee.

To analyse a candidate’s experience, you can check out their previous projects, that have gone live on the web.

For assessing the candidates’ technical skills, you as a recruiter can prepare a questionnaire, and throw some of those at the candidate and see how they fare.

Some of such questions are-

* What are the advantages of CodeIgniter?
* Explain CodeIgniter Architecture?
* What is Command-Line-Interface (CLI) and why is it used in CodeIgniter?
* How to deal with error handling in CodeIgniter?
* Explain how to prevent CodeIgniter from CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery)

  1. Selection of the most eligible candidates- In this phase, the most eligible candidates are selected based on a series of screening processes. Their responsibilities are laid out to them in detail and their tentative salaries are disclosed. After agreeing to the above responsibilities and salaries, the next phase is initiated.
  2. Documentations and Background verification- This is the last phase of recruitment. It involves validation of a candidate’s educational and other credentials. This is essential for recruiting as false credentials and identities can be produced and it will a next to impossible task for the recruiter to find any discrepancies in the information provided by a candidate. Background verification can also reveal the criminal records of the candidates if any.

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Reasons why CodeIgniter is the right choice-

  1. Secure Framework- Every business enterprise wants enhanced security. CodeIgniter has an exceptional built-in security tool that helps the software programmers to form and modify the security measures for your websites as per your necessity. It consists of encryption and decryption arrangements that are significantly useful for people to take charge and supervise data in the installation process.
  2. Lesser Codes- CodeIgniter allows you to write fewer codes and thereby spend less time typing. You do not need a third-party library for any novel web development project as it comes with a default structure and configuration.
  3. Rapid Development and Customization- Compared to other PHP frameworks like Zend and Symfony, CodeIgniter needs fewer codes thus, reducing the time consumption for development. This is particularly advantageous for customization support. This helps a CodeIgniter developer to modify the behaviour of the framework by customizing the present library. Also, new libraries can be written in CodeIgniter.
  4. Integral Tool Package- CodeIgniter has a broad set of integral libraries that may include calendar, zip encoding, validations, unit testing modules, email, etc. With the help of these libraries, managing the directory data, strings, array, and forms become easier. Hiring a backend developer can effortlessly form fresh libraries according to the requirement of your project.
  5. MVC structure- CodeIgniter’s model-view-controller design helps developers to manage separate code forms based on the data formation and design of HTML code. This makes the development process pleasant compared to other frameworks.
  6. Excellent Documentation of CI framework- The biggest advantage of the CodeIgniter framework is its exceptional documentation. CodeIgniter’s documentation is considerably better than other languages. It has comprehensive, superior, and perfect documentation of your codes. It acts as a user guide.

This considerably reduces the time needed for getting a reference for making changes when required.

Some other benefits of CodeIgniter

– > Proficient CodeIgniter Development Team.
– > Fast Delivery Results
– > Excellent UI/UX
– > Budget-friendly services
– > Powerful Framework
– > On-demand dedicated resources
– > Perfect database configuration
– > Confidentiality
– > Lightweight
– > 3rd party app integration


The Cost of Hiring CodeIgniter Developers

The average salary of hiring a CodeIgniter developer is around $90,635 a year, according to ZipRecruiter. However, the salaries of CodeIgniter developers can reach up to $160,500 per annum.

Regions like South America have a significantly lower cost of hiring CodeIgniter developers for full-time and even freelance. The average salary of a CodeIgniter developer in South America is between $76 to $ 100,000.


Websites are essential for any business, especially in today’s world and so hiring a CodeIgniter developer is a great idea as a CodeIgniter developer is an expert in rapid web development and MVC architecture, which makes the design of the application simple.

CodeIgniter has proved to be the best web application framework that offers an open platform for design and development. It not only offers varying structure to the frame but also helps coders to update the features of your application. If you are thinking of launching your web app, you must consider hiring CodeIgniter developers for the job.