13th, Jul 2022

How To Hire Expert Developers to Enhance Reach For Your Business

Getting the right experienced candidate onboard for the relevant technology-based project, needs a lot of patience, backed by some seriously effective strategies. In this informative piece today, Magicmind Technologies has put together an extensive list of those tips & hacks that will make the path easier for you to find the best app developers, software developers and software engineers. Keep scrolling for more…


The forecast of a booming recruitment in the software development sector in 2022 has been lingering for quite a sometime. Businesses around the world are currently focusing on revamping their resource pools with software professionals, hiring whom froze significantly during the pandemic time. The market trend figures point at companies are aggressively looking for the top-notch full-stack talents filling the specialists’ positions in machine learning, Dev-Ops and etc.

Around 65% of the recruiters have expected to hire nearly 11 developers in the year 2022 while around 22% are planning to hire 100+. Nearly 53% of the recruiters have reported that their budget for salaries have also gone up for the running year.


What Are The Skills Being Looked Out For In The Suitable Developer Candidates?

Employers’ capability of filling the new developer skillsets will be challenged by the availability of in-demand skills. Recruiters have always accepted that filling the vacancies for full-stack developers or engineers and back-end engineers are always the hardest, in spite of being the most widespread positions, harbouring nearly 27% and 17% of developers responding in this study.

Strategies That Can Help You To Choose ‘The One’

–>Pinpoint on the proficient programmers to hire for the latest technologies and programming languages like


  • Search for the technical professionals who match your duration criteria, like


  • Search for the type of engineers suitable for the role you’re looking for, like

*Mobile developers
*Game developers
*Web developers
*DevOps engineers
*Senior software engineers
*Backend software developers
*Front end
*Full stack

hire expert developers recruitment process

9 Ways You Can Recruit the Right Tech Candidate


  1. Seek Referrals for Finding a Developer

Alongside using the job portals, reference is also a credible way of figuring out the right candidate. The profile of an eligible candidate is pushed amidst peers and networks like family, friends, associates, business partners, employees etc. The recruiter simply has to ask around to get their profiles and initiate a conversation before the first interview.

A significant benefit of the referral system is that the recruiter will have the power to directly contact the eligible candidate without having to waiting for the portal to reveal any contact information. In fact, the referee had been a previous employer, you can vouch for the candidate’s credibility as well!

2. Freelance Platforms are a Blessing!

Get your hands on some of the incredible candidate profiles from freelance platforms like Upwork & Fiverr. Cutting through the misconceptions that freelancers, in general, are unruly – hate to follow deadlines and rules, some of the most talented technical individuals work from them. As a recruiter, you have to look for them with eagle eyes and the candidates with whom you struck the first communication, can be judged easily with their sample works and concepts.

Yes, the process is time taking definitely, but worth the wait!

3. Take Part in Conferences & Meet-Ups

Another amazing way to find industry’s some of the best minds is to take part in developers’ conferences & meet-ups. As a recruiter, you can register or subscribe to get notifications of such gatherings and attend them to meet the developers in person. The possibilities broaden with such encounters because the attendees somewhat look like recruiters here as well.

Thus, confluences like these are truly incredible for both employers as well as talented tech professionals looking for great opportunities.

4. Join Social Media Communities

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Quora are dotted with communities that are formed by software developers and engineers. Joining those communities can be beneficial in two ways, viz;

* You can look for the candidates directly

* Members of the community can recommend you the right people

These forums come in extremely handy for the recruiters’ initial screening of the most suitable software engineer and software developer profiles.

5. An Insightful Elaboration on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an amazing place for the professionals of nearly every white-collar vertical. The platform acts as an incredible search platform for both remote as well as on-site developers who are open for discussing their jobs and aspirations. Recruiters can add them into their circle, look through their ‘bejewelled resumes’ and make quick and informed decisions about which candidates to move ahead with.

6. The Good Old Job Portals

Job portals have been HR’s right-hand for more than the past decade. Searching through four to five different portals can expose hundreds of such candidate profiles who are awaiting the right call from their dream companies and potential recruiters. As a recruiter, you can always rely on them for fetching you perfectly matching profiles in just a few clicks.

7. Paid Campaigns Work Wonders

Direct advertising or paid ads target the right candidates with the required skill set at once. The very next step will be setting up interviews with the candidates that will come to you through the campaign. You can post the advertisement across various platforms like Linkedin, Google, Reddit, Facebook and more. Online platforms serve as the best mediums for launching campaigns because the young, as well as the middle-aged workforce, can be easily reached on these at any time of the day.

8. Websites That Carry Out Coding Challenge

Websites that frequently hold coding challenges are ideal places to find the most abled tech professionals, that too in their specialised areas. The recruiters can search with the required skill set for the job, go through the codes the candidates have written and even place an initial line of communication. Some of the websites include HireVue, CodeChef, HackerRank, CoderByte & TopCoder. The blogs and forums of the website are helpful while searching for the top tech talents.

9. Communicate with Science and Tech Grads

In case you are looking for a fresh talent who has been studying the languages and concepts of modern tech, there is indeed no better way rather than to get in touch with fresh graduates. By taking part in the campus recruitment activities, you will come across the freshest minds who are eager to start their career with companies that will give them the platform to learn and grow.

You can take this opportunity by organising workshops, boot camps and other relevant events that will bring both candidates and employers closer.

Well, these are the ways we, Magicmind Technologies, have hired our in-house tech team who are always passionate about going the extra mile when it comes to delivering excellence to our clients.

The Frequently Asked Interview Questions

Here is 13+ Top questions that every recruiter should ask to not only gauge the professional but also the soft skill abilities of a tech candidate. Take a look below:

  1. What was your reason to become a software engineer?
  2. What are the languages you prefer to work in the most?
  3. Do you check any team members’ codes? If yes, then how do you handle it?
  4. Which are the project management tools you used?
  5. Share a recent project that you have managed/worked on successfully
  6. What are your expectations with this job?
  7. Why do you think of yourself as a suitable candidate for this role?
  8. Share some of the mistakes from which you learnt in your work field
  9. How do you calculate the risk and outcome estimates?
  10. What is your way of assuring software quality?
  11. Are you comfortable working in a team?
  12. Tell us about your career goals
  13. How do you update and upgrade your skills?
  14. What questions do you have for us?


What Is The Cost Of Hiring A Software Engineer?

According to Dice, it takes anywhere from 30-39 days to find software developers and engineers in major tech hubs in the US

The expenses for software professional hiring depend on whether the company is looking for an in-house candidate or freelancer or a third-party agency.

Recruiting new candidate costs between 20 to 25 per cent of that individual’s base package. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of the total journey of costing.

Please note, the money amount representing an average figure, is all based on the current hiring trends based on US

Internal HR Costing: $1300

Assessment: Various solutions are there for technical assessments round whose subscriptions range between $99 and $349. The entire process including the aforementioned costs can result in up to $720

Interview: $190 per candidate

Other internal costs: Yes, at the initial stage, the company definitely incurs a loss with the standard productivity rate when a new employee is hired. The cost here incurred is $6,883 based on the monthly salary.

Also, the training ($1,111) and onboarding ($400) processes to result in expenses.


Here’s a glimpse of the entire process below



development recruitment cost


What Is the Timeframe Of Hiring A Software Engineer?

A. Sourcing Candidate Profiles

Sourcing takes nearly 10 hours where the recruiting manager sorts through the profiles of eligible candidates. A company receives hundreds of profiles for a post and picking out the best of the lot takes time.

B. Pre-Screening Each One

Time taken for pre-screening each tech-candidate can be at least 30 minutes.

Imagine you have to pre-screen 5 in one day (5 X 30 minutes) = 2.5 hours. Next, you need to move them to the next step, or maybe you need to go back to the drawing board and start over. That’s the time we call the “unrealized time loss” – most people don’t realize it would take that long to hire a Software Engineer.”


C. Total Interview Process

The interview process’s duration can range between 1 day to nearly 60 days depending on factors like the number of tests taken by a company before selecting a candidate, the availability of the candidate, going through the candidate options, preponing or postponing in the process, etc.

timeframe of recruiting


Agency Vs Freelancer – Here’s Making Your Pick Easy

Agency Freelancer
Size An agency consists of a team of talented young professionals who work together for delivering a project Freelancers are independently working individuals
Service Professionals work under a disciplined structure Mainly work remotely at their own hours
Security Agencies provide professional, official and legal guarantee as they have to hold a reputation in market If not all, but some freelancers lack accountability and credibility
Costing Charge at the industry best rates or market prices Charge at whim
Infrastructure Guaranteed support of latest tech and unique concepts for every project No guarantee of availability of advanced tech or support. May lack uniqueness


How MagicMind’s Abled Team of Talented Software Professionals Created Multi-Industry & Multi-Lingual App

1. Sreshta

Main Idea Of The Project

Shresta is developed to help people shop for groceries and vegetables online.  This app has a simple UI that has made it stand apart. Anyone can sign up with their emails.  Even without signing up, one can visit the store as a guest.

Shresta is a dedicated Indian grocery delivery app that is built to cater to the needs of people in various areas of Los Angeles. The platform enables the users to scroll through the vast database of the items available in the inventory and order the desired units for quick home delivery.


–> 24/7 App
Shresta is a 24/7 live app that empowers users to scroll through the items and place orders at any time of the day.

–> Time Saving
Shresta is an effective and convenient app that saves the cost as well as time of the users. It cuts down on the trips of visiting supermarket with on-time delivery at the doorstep.

–> No Cash-Worries
With Shresta, the consumers do not have to worry about cash because every transaction is carried out online with a secured payment gateway.

–> Real-time Order Tracking
Shresta gives a real-time glimpse of every order placed through the app. Right from pick-up to doorstep delivery, the users will be able to look into the shipping progress at every step.

–> Pre-Scheduling of delivery
Choose the date & time of convenience with the Shresta app with its Pre-scheduling feature with a live tracking system.

–> User & Admin Panel of Shresta

Shresta App has two dedicated panels of utility and functionality for the users and customer, which are as follows:

Serial Of Features Admin Panel Customer Panel
1 Login Profile settings
2 Payment Management Feedback & rating
3 Customer Management Delivery and offer notifications
4 Reports & Analytics Order history
5 Offer/discount addition Reordering
6 Review Management Scheduled delivery
7 Notification Shopping List
8 Search/view products
9 Listing categories


2. BongOPay

BongOPay is an E-Wallet app that works with the commitment of providing its exclusive users with a fast & quick payment backed by impenetrable security. BongOPay comes with a number of benefits that surpass the functionality and UI-UX limits of the conventional E-Wallets. BongOPay is more secured and comes with convenient options for carrying out everyday digital transactions. BongOPay makes way for more secure, faster and smarter payments for its users.


Secured interface

BongOPay is secured with password-protected gateways that empower users with the confidence to transact without worry every time.  The user has to

– Put password

– Open the app

– Make any payments

– Add a fellow BongOPay user

BongOPay does not need a reserve of minimum balance in its wallets. The user can deposit any amount in it and when the wallet is exhausted, there will not be any penalty charged for the depletion.

Tracks transaction history

BongOPay allows the user to track transactions of every payment made through it

Send, Withdraw & Request

With BongOPay, the user can directly send and withdraw money from bank directly. The user can also request money from another user in just a few clicks.

Exclusive app for BongOPayers

The BongOPay app is an exclusive payment medium for the users. Only a ‘BongOPayer’ can transact with another ‘BongOPayer’. This feature, thus speaks of the app’s exclusivity.

Supports Multi-country currency

BongOPay supports currency transactions of various countries. It can be used across the globe.

Transactions at Lightning Speed

BongOPay is a fast app that enables the users to conduct speedy transactions

Pay via QR Code & Phone Numbers

BongOPay payments can be carried out by using the QR Code scanners as well as adding phone numbers of the BongOPayers.

No Extra charges

No additional charges will be levied on the users for carrying out any transactions through the app.

Link directly with bank accounts

BongOPay allows the users to directly link their bank accounts with the registered mobile numbers in just a few clicks

The Process of Registration

BongOPayers can easily create a digital payment account in the app by following these easy instructions:

* Install the BongOPay App on your phone
* Log in the app with the bank registered mobile number for direct and quick linking
* An OTP will be sent for the user to log in as the completion stage of registration
* The user can connect the app with the choice of bank
* The wallet can be replenished with any amount of money; there is no minimum or maximum limit
* Every time, a new payment is done after initial login, the subsequent transactions will require only the passwords or PIN for validating transactions
* The user can register his or her multiple debit or credit cards


The BongOPay digital wallet supports QR code technology so that the users can connect and transact quickly.

Unmatched user-friendliness

E-wallets are designed to empower users with the convenience to transact safely and quickly. The simplified user-interface makes it easy for the users to transact without much wondering and searching for the features. Fund transfers, wallet replenishments, checking wallet balance and other functionalities can be carried out in just few clicks.

The different modes of payments supported by BongOPay

* Direct transfers between banks on real-time
* Carrier Billing
* Wallet-based transfers
* Card-based transfers

Security of app

No matter which e-wallet users download, the foremost criterion of using the app is its security. Money transactions need to be secured and safe in both paying and receiving ends. BongOPay app is both backed by cutting-edge and robust processes like SMS, point-to-point encryption, biometrics, security questions, out of band authentication and more.

3. AfroMart

Afromart – A versatile Shopping App for men and women fashion has been built by our talented technical team at Magicmind Technologies.


API Support– Afromart’s API enables the app to interact with many other devices and platforms for a centralised management

Security– All security aspects of the contemporary industry standards are implemented for impenetrable user-data protection

Subscription management– Afromart supports multiple products with different subscription types upgrade, cancel, offline, web books and notifications

Website Management– A centralised dashboard that lets the manager control website menu, single value array, numeric users, user activities, etc.

Content Management–   Manage news, categories, news, tags etc with image, video or HTML slider etc

Payment Management– Afromart supports more than 10 payment gateways like authorize.net, 2Checkout, Braintree, Paypal, Stripe, etc.

Ecommerce Management– Manage different types of products with manual shipping, shipping integration, discount, coupon, checkout wizard and ajax cart

Notification Management– Managing templates of notification, selection of user-liked notifications, editing body and title of notifications

Advertisement Management– Track ads started by advertisers and continue to the end by clicks

Referral Management– Easy creation of referral & reward points on subscription and registration

SEO Optimised– Laced with best SEO standards for better indexing

Cache Management– Optimal cache management for quick app load

Auto Update– Module notifications for real-time updates

Easy extension and customisation– An extendable framework that can be customised through 5 various ways

Plug & Play– Install, uninstall, activate, deactivate modules at one go, in just few clicks

Form Builder– Automates data collection and submission at a single place

Shipping gateway integrated– Shipping gateway integrated with the app for accurate & automated calculations of costs

Reports– The admin can create and generate reports from the dashboard easily in just a few clicks

Multi language– English & French

Multi-currency– Any currency can be added to the framework

& more…

Hire Our Team to Develop Your Brand’s Next Solution!

At Magicmind Technologies, we believe in transforming our skillsets perpetually so that our existing and prospective clientele experience an unhindered journey of digital growth. Our bouquet of cutting-edge versatile apps has two things in common – the dynamic team of software professionals and the commitment to provide customer satisfaction. Hire us today to experience how we are different from the rest.