25th, Jul 2022

How to Hire Ionic Developers for Hybrid App Development

Since its inception, Ionic has gained popularity for building engaging and attractive hybrid mobile apps at an affordable cost.

The USP OF Ionic is that it helps build interactive and feature-packed apps minus the complexity of a native app.

Ionic is among the best frameworks for mobile app development, offering various mobile app development tools available in the market. The framework provides database management, push notifications, in-app purchases and HTML5 applications. Apart from this Ionic app does not require different codebase for different platforms, thus, saving you precious time and money.

This makes Ionic the best option for MVP, SMBs and R & D hypothesis testing in mobile products.


How can you hire a Ionic mobile app developer?


Similarly, Ionic app development is a specialised profession that demands certain skill sets from the developer. Thus, only a handful of people are qualified for the job and hard to come by. Here are some best ways to hire an Ionic app developer-

  1. Different Job Portals- These are the best places to find eligible candidates for every job requirement. You can sign in on any job portal and find the apt candidate for your needs. These portals can also be classified as General Job Portal, Location-based job boards, and Remote job boards.

General Job portals– These are the more traditional mediums of recruitment. They offer thousands of jobs in almost every sector or industry. However, these also have filtration options that will enable you to zero in on candidates that match your job profiles. Some of the best non-tech-specific job portals are as follows.

– > Naukri.com




– > Indeed




– > Glassdoor




– > LinkedIn




– > Monster




– > AngelList Talent





Location-Based Job Boards-

These software development-specific job sites offer the developer community the opportunity to share and connect with specific job opportunities. These sites provide location-based job and hiring solutions.  Some of these job boards are-

* CrunchBoard
* Dice
* Remote Masters
* Reddit
* Google Jobs


Remote Job Boards-

These job sites list remote software/application development job opportunities, which means a developer has the privilege of working from anywhere they choose. It should also be noted that few jobs might require a developer to work from the office or even follow the Hybrid working model, especially after the pandemic. Some of the remote job boards are-

* dev
* WeWorkRemotely
* PowerToFly-
* Remote OK
* Stack Overflow
* Remote Co
* Remotive
* Dynamic Jobs

Other Freelance Job Sites-

These sites connect recruiters to freelancing developers. These developers are hired on an hourly and monthly basis. Some of the freelancing job sites are-

* Guru
* Upwork
* Fiverr
* TopTal


  1. Read Development Publications- Top developers share their experiences on websites such as Medium. Medium offers a variety of software development topics from which you can find someone who has worked on the technology you are looking for. On Medium, you can search for potential developers based on the specialised skill sets you are looking for.

Some other popular development publications are HackerNoon and freeCodeCamp, which will help you hire an Ionic app developer.


  1. GitHub- It is a deposition of projects and software engineering portfolios. You can see past code developers write in the repository and make a well-informed decision. You can also access the GitHub Jobs Board, where you can post jobs and reach a large number of developers.


  1. Direct advertisement- Direct and paid ads can target and find developers with specific skill sets. The next phase is scheduling an interview with apt candidates. The downside to this method is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You can advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google and LinkedIn. These online media can target both local and freelance developers.


  1. On & off-campus recruitment- There is no better way to hire fresh talent who has just graduated. The positive side is that you not only recruit new talent but also develop them with the business. You can expand your outreach by providing special training and boot camps in relevant programming areas.


  1. Attend developer Conferences & Meetups- This is a great way of finding an Ionic app developer near your location. You can find out developer conferences in your area by searching online. This allows you to not only get closer to some of the top developers but also get to hear their thoughts and ideas. It is also plausible that you connect with developers personally and get to know their areas of expertise and experiences.


  1. Join Facebook Groups- Facebook is crowded with several professional groups or developers’ communities. You can join those groups and search for apt candidates. You can also act on the recommendation of group members. Once you are a group member, you can post about hiring developers or privately reach out to some more active members and DM them.


Some of the benefits of Ionic App Development-


*  Speed– In today’s fast-moving life, people do not want to wait a bit to load an app. And if the loading process takes a lot of time, the users will lose interest and give a bad rating. Ionic apps load quickly and can be watched on any browser. These apps are built with modern technologies such as HTML5 and JavaScript.


* Cost-Effective Application Development– With Ionic Framework, you do not need different codes for different mobile app platforms. You code with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. This saves money and time.


* Smaller App size– ionic has a powerful toolkit to build great apps. Compared with other apps, Ionic apps are small in size due to the lighter weight of the Cordova wrapper and optimised codes.


* User Interface Components– Ionic apps retain the look and feel of native apps as Ionic use W3C standards.


* AngularJS- ionic apps use AngularJS as a programming language. It is a JavaScript framework for building apps with MVC architecture. It has some of the best features for developing complicated logic applications. They can be built using Angular JS.

All these make Ionic very beneficial for mobile app development and your business.

Some of the most popular Ionic applications are 

* MarketWatch is a free-of-charge financial news application available for Android and iOS that offers users financial, stock market and business news.


* Pacifica- is a mental health app that helps users with anxiety and depression. The app is built based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Available both on iOS and Android apps.


* Sworkit– This is a cross-platform fitness app developed on Ionic Framework. It has a whopping 25 million users. Available on iOS and Android apps.


Cost of Hiring an expert Ionic developer-

The average cost of hiring an Ionic developer can range from $10 – $150, depending on the skill set and experience of the individual developer.

The cost of hiring will change depending on the Ionic developer’s employment mode. You can hire an Ionic developer full-time, a freelancer, or outsource a development company to build an app, and the cost will alter.


An average annual income of a mobile developer in different parts of the world

average annual income of a mobile developer



With the rise in the mobile industry, hybrid app development has gained popularity. The global population’s widespread use of mobile applications has made smartphones a personal medium through which businesses can interact with their customers. Companies can offer their products and services through mobile apps and increase their customer base.

The SDK toolkit offers developers an environment for hybrid mobile app development. One of the best hybrid mobile app development frameworks is Ionic. It is not only cost-effective and less time-consuming but also offers native app-like features and experience. Thus, if you are thinking of developing your own multi-platform business application, you should consider hiring Ionic app developers who can build you a robust application.