27th, Jul 2022

How to Hire Node JS Developer for Your Dream Application

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source environment used to develop and run an io-intensive web application. It offers a developer a perfect ecosystem for data-intensive applications because it uses an asynchronous, event-driven, single-threaded model.

Some practical ways of hiring Node.js developers-

  1. Job Portals- These are the best places to find eligible candidates for every job requirement. You can sign in on any job portal and find an apt candidate for your needs. These portals can also be classified into General Job Portals, Location-based job boards, and Remote job boards.

General Job portals– These traditional recruitment mediums offer thousands of jobs in almost every sector or industry. Filter options will enable you to zero in on candidates that match your job profiles. Some of the best non-tech-specific job portals are as follows.

– > Naukri.com


– > Indeed


– > Glassdoor


– > LinkedIn


– > Monster


– > AngelList Talent




Location-Based Job Boards-

These software development-specific job sites offer the developer community the opportunity to share and connect with specific job opportunities. These sites provide location-based job and hiring solutions.  Some of these job boards are-

* CrunchBoard
* Dice
* Remote Masters
* Reddit
* Google Jobs


Remote Job Boards-

These job sites list remote software/application development job opportunities, which means a developer has the privilege of working from anywhere they choose. It should also be noted that few jobs might require a developer to work from the office or even follow the Hybrid working model, especially after the pandemic. Some of the remote job boards are-

* dev
* WeWorkRemotely
* PowerToFly-
* Remote OK
* Stack Overflow
* Remote Co
* Remotive
* Dynamic Jobs


Other Freelance Job Sites-

These sites connect recruiters to freelancing developers. These developers are hired on an hourly and monthly basis. Some of the freelancing job sites are-

* Guru
* Upwork
* Fiverr
* Toptal


  1. Referrals- Referrals are one of the most effective ways of hiring Node.js developers. These referrals include employees, associates, friends, family, and business partners. One advantage of it is you have direct contact with the developer. Apart from this, a sense of mutual trust is created between the developer and the employer. Having said all of that, it is also true that your network of acquaintances, friends, or family limits the variety of developers you can access. Nevertheless, this is one of the best ways of recruiting Node.js developers.
  2. Campus Hirings- There is no better way to hire fresh talent who has just graduated. The positive side is that you not only recruit new talent but also develop them with the business. You can expand your outreach by providing exceptional training and boot camps in relevant programming areas.
  3. Direct Ads- Direct and paid ads can target and find developers with specific skill sets. The next phase is scheduling an interview with apt candidates. The downside to this method is that you will have to bear the cost upfront. You can advertise on many online platforms such as Facebook, Reddit, Google and LinkedIn. These online media can target both local and freelance developers.
  1. Freelancer- Hiring a freelancer or contractor is your solution if you want a short-term collaboration. You can expect to save cost and access to a broad range of professionals worldwide anywhere in the world. Some of the best places to find Node.js developers like Toptal, Freelancer, Codementor and Upwork.
  2. Staff Augmentation- Hiring an agency that offers staff augmentation saves time, ensures flexibility and higher efficiency for your project, and allows you to get the help you need on a scalable project basis. Moreover, the organization takes care of all aspects throughout the development of your project, from structuring a team with their developers available to manage all processes.

What is Node.js so good at?

According to Stack Overflow Research, Node.js is widely used for back-end development and is a leading framework worldwide.

Web Development using Node.js is a breakthrough technology with unique characteristics, being one of the most efficient cross-platform JavaScript environments for developing solid and adequate REST APIs, mobile apps, and web apps. Some of the reasons why businesses prefer Node.js-

  1. Easy & straightforward hosting- Node.js platform constantly implements new features and functions that benefit individuals who offer PaaS (platform-as-a-service) services to minimize waiting time. This is one of the main reasons open-source software development agencies pick Node.js for web development.
  2. Effortless sharing- The ease of sharing the NPM (Node Package Manager) is why many web development firms prefer Node.js over other frameworks. You may quickly share anything with Node.js, which increases the pace of different frameworks. In addition, NPM allows them to manage and deploy code effortlessly.
  3. It is cost-effective- organizations that use Node.js now use less computational power to host web apps. What’s more, Node.js is faster than compared to other frameworks.
  4. Real-time applications- Node.js enables you to build high-performance apps with fast results. It has a single-threaded and event-driven design that allows you to process multiple concurrent requests without affecting RAM. Web apps built with Node.js will enable you to perform several activities simultaneously.

Some of the benefits of hiring Node.js developers are-

Highly experienced Node.js development teams
Lesser Loading Time
Customised Node.js solutions
High performance
Scalable products
Top-Tier Node.js developers
Latest Tech Stack
No Hidden Cost
Transparent development process
Flexible Engagement Models


Skills and expertise of a developer while recruiting a Node.js developer-

  1. Expertise in Node.js Development- Node.js was created in 2009, and its libraries contain many Node.js frameworks, IDEs and tools. An apt developer will have at least three years of experience working with Node.js. Brownie points for a developer who has regularly contributed to fixing bugs and patches to the Node.js community. This reflects a developer’s thorough knowledge of Node.js internals.
  2. Understand Front-end technologies- Front-end development is what an end-user sees when they use an application. Node.js developers must be familiar with front-end architecture and development, such as HTML % and CSS.
  3. Solid Knowledge of Node.js frameworks- Frameworks are essential to the Node.js ecosystem because they extend Node.js’ features. There are several Node.js frameworks to choose from. Thus a Node.js developer must be familiar with all of them.

          * Express- is a basic framework in which all Node developers must be well-versed.

          * Other frameworks- Koa.js, Hapi and Total.js

          * Full-stack MVC frameworks- StrongLoop, Sinatra, Keystone, Meteor, ActionHero and Derby

  1. Proficiency in RESTful APIs and API communications- Every Node.js developer must be able to infer existing API codes and apply them to the projects dealing with interactions across different applications is compulsory while having an extensive understanding of creating custom RESTful APIs.
  2. Asynchronous Programming- js is a non-blocking, asynchronous programming technology, which means that the time for requests to be processed is significantly low. Two or more functions can run simultaneously, allowing developers to be more productive and efficient.

However, asynchronous programming is a relatively new technology requiring a developer to have complete knowledge of the tech to work on it.

  1. Database Schema for business processes– To build a Node.js app successfully, a developer has to know database management. Database schemas that describe and support business operations should be created by Node.js developers and integrated into a single system. This is essential for setting up apps for a variety of business operations.

What does a Node.js developer do?

Node.js developer is responsible for deploying and managing network applications in JavaScript or its variants, such as IcedCoffeeScript and CoffeeScript. They control data exchanges between servers and users, develop back-end components and connect applications with third-party web services. They also support front-end developers by integrating web-based applications.

Node.js developer roles and responsibilities-

* Make sure that there is optimal responsiveness to front-end requests and central database performance.
* Coordinate with front-end developers on integrating components
* Design customer-facing UI and backend services for business operations
* Build high-performance apps by writing testable, reusable and efficient code.
* Enforce adequate safety protocols, data protection measures and storage solutions.
* Execute tests to fix deficiencies and provide technical support.
* Report Node.js operations, including database schemas.
* Advise, recommend and execute improvements to processes and technologies.
* Keep track of the advancement of Node.js development and technologies.


Cost of Hiring

The cost of hiring a Node.js developer is between $12000 to $15000 per annum. And the hourly cost is around $20 to $90 for a Node.js developer.

The average cost of hiring Node.js developers in different parts of the world



Besides the technical prowess of the developer, you must also assess the soft skills of the Node.js developer. These soft skills include communication skills, critical thinking, problem serving abilities and teamwork capabilities. You must also evaluate if the potential candidate has leadership qualities or any other advanced skill that can benefit your business.

Node.js is a primary JavaScript tool in the back-end development world that developers and businesses use for their apps worldwide. Node.js developers can deliver top-quality apps that are unique and engaging. So, if you are considering developing your app, you should consider hiring a Node.js developer from Magicmind Technologies.