8th, May 2020

How to use the Instagram algorithm to your advantage in 2020

In accordance to the Instagram marketing strategies, the Instagram algorithm is the thing that decides which posts people view every time they open their feed.

Below, we have mentioned few ways as to how this thing works. Thus you can make sure that your content has the best chance possible of getting viewed within the 27 minutes per day that people spend on Instagram.

Instagram’s algorithm is completely based on machine learning, so the method by which it ranks your posts is constantly evolving.

Now let’s go over some best practices for applying the insights to your own Instagram strategy as to how to use the algorithm to your advantage, in your Instagram strategy of 2020.

Post consistently

What does consistent mean to you? What does it mean on Instagram? You have to consider what is best and sustainable for your team to produce. In order to get into the field with the Instagram algorithm, you have to first build relationships with your audience. 

Keep a close look on your analytics

Looking at your Instagram analytics is one of the best ways to get insight into how your audience feels, and how the algorithm sees your brand. Which posts are interesting to your audience? How much of your engagement is coming from hashtags? Analytics will let you know what has been done right, but it is for you to figure out how to go on after that.

Remix, reuse and repost the top-performing content

Once you got a good content calendar in place, and a whole lot of evidence describing exactly what your audience wants, this is what you have to do next. Recycling and remixing your best of the contents has two benefits: you definitely know the algorithm likes it, and it saves time.

  • Make sure to turn a video into gifs or stills,
  • Do turn a series of photos into a slideshow video.
  • Make use of multiple images for different purposes.

Collaborate with alikes

Get hold of a relevant collaborator and significantly expand your reach to new eyes, and also catch your audience’s attention with relevant new angles. The result—if the collaboration is as exciting your audience as it is to you—may well include an additional boost from the algorithm.

Build quality relationships the old-fashioned way

The algorithm also needs to see genuine relationships.

For brands, good gestures, human connection are what the algorithm also cares about. What is meant by old-fashioned? Mostly, you need to ensure that you don’t take shortcuts. You have to ask questions, embrace DMs, like and comment on people’s posts.

Use hashtags properly

On Instagram, hashtags are important for getting the content in front of the right eyes, to engage with it. This can help as with this, your post gets more attention, and the algorithm will ensure that even more eyes view it.

Post in a timely manner

The easiest tip but a very important one this is! The Instagram algorithm favours recent posts, so post when your audience is online. It is as simple as that.