Hybrid App Development

Spend less, expect speed, and lift the ROI – that’s hybrid apps in a nutshell

Hybrid App Development – Enough reasons to make it
your go-to choice

Quality, affordability or development? What’s your take in app development? At Magicmind Technologies, we take care of both, simultaneously and parallelly as far as designing apps and mobile app solutions are concerned. As a popular mobile app development company in Kolkata, we certainly don’t make trade-offs between quality and price. And certainly, don’t compromise with the quality. Or speed. Or features.

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Why to build hybrid mobile apps?

Hybrid mobile apps ensure you a speed of web development along with the tailored user experience and feature access that you can achieve through native mobile application solutions. Created through HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript web standards most commonly, followed by a trial run before installing them to a native app. Once created and run successfully, the hybrid mobile app can be published in the Apple, Google, and Windows App Stores.

Native Vs Hybrid mobile app?

Well, to pick one between native, web, and hybrid mobile apps can be a tough decision to take. But if you sure about how to create an app or how to use it, you’ll be sorted out. Try to zero-in with points like the platform the app would run on, or the app store it would be distributed and available on, or requirement of any native device features. In case you require multiple platforms or don’t have access to any specialized mobile app developers, going for hybrid mobile app is a better option.

Hybrid mobile apps –
development and benefits

Hybrid apps may not be an excellent choice when speed and interactive media are your prime requirements, but it has its own benefits. It doesn’t have two separate sets of code written for Android and iOS platforms as the shared code can be deployed for both the platforms. This not only saves time and efforts, but it also cuts the cost into less than half in app development.

Why Magicmind for hybrid mobile apps

Mobile websites are always available to the users to return to them, unlike the case of app which has an average shelf-life that’s pretty short.

While comparing between native and hybrid app development, it is to be kept in mind that there can’t be a proper comparison to conclude which one is the perfect solution. At Magicmind Technologies, we process through your particular requirements and suggest you the one that fits you better, or the one you will use in your application. To cut it short, unless you are creating performant game or similar application, you are good to go with hybrid application development for its easier development approach, cost savings, and different platform compatibility.

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