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The Automotive industry is driven by the highest standard of innovation and flexibility. To match
the pace and gain a competitive edge, all automotive companies must embrace a hi-tech solution
for their businesses. Magicmind has the ability to deliver a speed-to-market advantage through
state-of-the-art software solutions. Our products developed for the automotive industry help
streamline operations and enhance the overall performance using ready-to-deploy technology,
mature design methodologies, and building blocks.

We are Offerings

Magicmind is a well-known product development and web solutions providing company that
explicitly caters across the automotive industry, offering unique solutions to a global clientele.
We provide your enterprise with the tools that help you manage your automotive/transportation
enterprise effectively.

Bring a twist in your conventional dealer management system by deploying the latest technology. Our software system, web applications, or mobile apps facilitate managing your dealers in one go on devices like desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

Tracking down your fleet is now easier with our scalable fleet management system. Now with just one click, leverage the benefit of utilising your fleet on its full potential. This software solution reduces the operational cost and offers a better fleet management.

We can help your automotive firm achieve an edge over competition across the board with our unified supply chain management software. Now attend demand, production, and supply all at once with just one click through our highly-interactive platform.

Now, it is easier to manage your data like a pro, by leveraging Magicmind’s Data Warehousing Solutions. Our product is highly scalable, secure, and runs smoothly on multiple devices like laptops, Smartphone, etc. It is a secure way to manage and protect your important data.

To manage your manufacturing details in a better way, integrate our top-notch web and mobile solutions in your system. Our professionals build on latest platforms and use the most-recent technology to develop products that helps to seamlessly manage your manufacturing units.

Customers are the topmost priority of any industry and Automotive is no different. To reach your end-users on their doorsteps, provide them an interactive platform to levy your services. We deliver feature-rich solutions through our software, web portals, and mobile apps.

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At Magicmind, our converging focus is at delivering you the best-in-class products that make you a leader in the Automotive industry. We try to capture the essence of uniqueness in your idea and embellish it with unique features that bring high business returns and benefits.

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