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The companies offering Immigration Solutions are, often, burdened with special and urgent
cases, besides the normal regular immigration requirements. It becomes challenging to manage
without comprehensive software which is designed to run the business successfully. This
industry is also a highly competitive space; immigration firms need a robust online presence to
gain more leads. If you have an immigration consultancy and want to troubleshoot these areas of
concern, Magicmind can help. Trusted by respected immigration professionals, we enable
seamless workflow and processes by creating accountability, visibility, profitability, and
efficiencies across the organization.

We are Offerings

Our significant experience lies in developing the most intuitive cloud-based case management platform for immigration companies that require the highest level of compliance. From solo
immigration consultants to established firms, our immigration software benefits all.

Website Contact Forms help to manage customers’ personal information most efficiently. As per your need, we integrate Contact Forms on the websites or web portals that we develop. It is one of the most acceptable ways to optimize processes.

It is one of the facilities that most clients of immigration companies are glad to find out. We integrate Visa Tracking feature in our software and mobile application that helps your customers check the real-time status of their visa.

With Reporting Tools, it is easier to identify revenue opportunities, instantly track employee performance, and access real-time caseload metrics. Based on your custom choices, our developers incorporate reporting tools in the immigration software.

We enable Outlook Integration that helps to cut your time in half with single click uploads from Outlook directly into a Foreign National’s file. This feature of our software and mobile applications is an efficient way to save time and money.

Using latest technology and platforms, we build unique and interactive client web portal that maximizes productivity and conversion. Immigration companies achieve utmost client satisfaction with top lead capture features including client login.

Storing internal documents are now easier with our unified Document Storage feature. No more searching around in multiple systems and no more filing cabinet. Our scalable products help to securely store and manage client documents, all in one place.

Case Studies

The software solutions, mobile applications, and web portals developed by Magicmind facilitate
easy creation and submission of cases and hassle-free communication with clients. Best of all,
our solutions are online, in the cloud, secure, and accessible from anywhere.

It is one of our recent most clients in the immigration industry. We are helping it with cutting-edge web
development services as well as branding and promotion. Our design and development team took the
agile approach to meet the client’s needs and satisfaction.

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