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Law firms are often in quest of efficient case management software that can streamline their practice and make client management easier. The competition being high within this industry, many law firms also look for digital consultancy, besides web and product solutions. At Magicmind, we offer an all-inclusive outsourcing assistance. Our service caters to a global clientele in terms of software development, mobile app development,website or portal development, social media marketing, search engine optimization, and
much more.

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Magicmind provides multiple different feature-rich software solutions that can boost the productivity of the firms. Be it a small case management or a big corporate project, our software can facilitate the whole process and help to keep a tab of every information and pitch.

Legal project management software focuses on case and matter administration. It breaks down individual projects into several stages for better supervision and organization of each step. Attorneys can then proactively plan a case for greater efficiency.

To keep everyone on the same page, law firms count on basic calendaring. This software feature helps to track down individual schedules and all the appointments with clients, opposing counsel, and others. We integrate this with Google calendars and Outlook.

In law firms, this tool is often referred to as Rules-Based-Calendaring (RBC), which is a digital way to track down legal meetings, hearings, and deadlines for each matter. It can be organized according to the rules set by jurisdiction to ensure proper calculation of dates.

It is a digital storage system that helps to organize all the documents related to law firm and client matters as a whole. Generally, the documents include PDF files, templates, Word Docs, Spreadsheets, photos, and anything else that people would keep in a physical file.

Effective time management is essential for law firms to review how time is being spent, which is vital to enhance productivity within the firm. Time Tracking is a standard feature that we integrate in almost all the law firm case management software.

To perform law office procedures and processes with minimal human assistance, it is essential to use technology-enabled automation tool. This software replaces the time-consuming manual tasks of assembling repetitive documents with an efficient automated process.

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Magicmind has significant contribution in streamlining law offices for maximum service delivery and productivity. We help our clients with unique software solution, website designing and development, paid promotions, and much more.

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