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Looking for dramatically improving your marketing ROI? The easiest solution is to use landing pages on your website. Website design companies in Kolkata suggest that on a search for generating leads for your business, and you don’t have at least a few landing pages on your website – that indicates some serious opportunities lost enroute turning website visitors into possible clients. Magicmind Technologies, the best website designing company in India, insists on building landing pages for your websites that would convert visitors for free.

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Landing Page – a formal introduction

A landing page is a page on your website that can be used to offer a resource from your business and receive a visitor’s contact details in return. To achieve this strategy, and to capture the details of the visitors, a lead-capture form is used. It is here where the visitors would enter details of their name, contact number and email address to name a few.

Landing Page – a clear call to action is vital

The first step to consider is to know the goal of your page, and then to come up with a clear call to action. That’s actually the most important part of any landing page. The call to action must be specifically tied to your goal, and should be supported by whatever your landing page contains – be it headlines, body copy, images and overall layout.

Landing Page – simple and easy interface

Landing page has a specific goal dedicated to a particular purpose. Hence, it needs to be greatly simplified compared to many other website designs. The main purpose is to not distract your visitors thereby preventing them from converting. And that’s why, it shouldn’t include any extraneous information. Simplicity is the best when it comes to landing pages.

Importance of landing page

Magicmind Technologies, as one of the best website designing company in Kolkata, shouts out to all those agencies that are into SEO, PPC, or the likes, you are well positioned to offer landing page and conversion optimization services. Not only would it help you get your client’s trust to help them get better campaign performance, a much improved conversion is also guaranteed. Get in touch with us for details.

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