20th, Apr 2020

The What and Why of Machine Learning in Digital Marketing

Many companies have already discovered how to make use of machine learning, to excel in business.

Now, as technology advances, it’s clear that machine learning and digital marketing cannot be separated.

Data insights are extremely important now, allowing great customer engagement.

So is it a surprise that there is an increased reliance on data?

Let us see how machine learning has become this important in the field of Digital Marketing!

Enhanced Customer Experience

Machine learning enhances the customer’s online shopping experience in various ways.

Now let us see how.

  1. Guides the shopping journey, making product recommendations to help the customers;
  2. Ensures that the online stop always has enough stock, and guides on alternatives if stock is low; and
  3. A 24-hour support service to the customers

The drop shipping in the last few years has carved the path for many companies to put machine learning to good use.

Creates New Revenue Streams

Digital marketing is now all about data. Owing to the huge amounts of data available, it’s usual that marketing has become the priority for many companies now.

Amazon, has utilised the power of machine learning unlike any other companies. 35% of the annual revenue of Amazon, is generated through personalized product recommendations.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is their cloud computing service, gives opportunities to other companies to benefit from AI. This eventually allows Amazon to gain more revenue streams in new market areas.

Develops More Products and Services

The people in this age prefer shopping in innovative and streamlined ways. This surges expectations higher and higher.

This in turn gives more opportunity to the firms to systemize and tailor their marketing for those niche groups in the industry, and the customer base.

Many Digital Marketing Agencies in India and abroad are already on their way in this path, making products and creating services based on the findings from machine learning software.

Content Optimization

Machine learning doesn’t aim to outsmart human intellect. But it does focus on analyzing problems and finding a way to solve them.

A popular method that many marketers practice this is the A/B testing. This method proves important with segmented marketing campaigns. Companies might use the feedback to deliver more targeted content, collaborating with machines to better their content and services.

Possibly the best example of this is Google Rank Brain. Its ability to learn from the searcher intent has made the search engine giant an incredibly efficient service, consistently improving in the accuracy of its results depending on the context of each query.

Enhances Personalization

Do you foresee how people want brands to care about them? Almost 52% of customers switch their brands if they feel a company is not making enough effort to personalize.

Take the example of Amazon.

Amazon’s success over e-commerce personalization comes from machine learning.

Chatbots do engage Customers

A common sight on many modern websites is the friendly chatbot that pops up in the bottom corner of the screen, offering assistance or advice soon after a visitor arrives on the site.

Machine learning is important for the success of chatbots. It allows the chatbots to learn from interaction with visitors, by collecting and interpreting data.

The chatbots provide companies with ways of revolutionizing marketing activities.

We can see how machine learning is being used in many different industries today.

With the importance that machine learning carries, businesses can apply it into their marketing efforts. This will also help to build a loyal audience that will come back to purchase more products and services.

To conclude, with optimized content and analysis of the data insights, companies who use machine learning in their digital marketing, gain way too much.