15th, Apr 2021

How is the New Normal Shaping the Business & the Marketing?

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed every sphere of human life- economy, education, daily habits, technology, trade, and everything else. Many things that might have been relevant before the pandemic are no longer of any importance. Moreover, other matters that were optional earlier have become essential.  This vast transformation posed a great challenge to the entrepreneurs- how to help their businesses survive during the transformation. To address this challenge, many companies have adopted teleworking.  Through this method, many companies have been maintaining their operations and work processes at the time of these difficulties.

The transformation is still going on; hence, it is difficult to predict the pandemic’s exact impact across the globe.   However, one thing is sure that the start-ups and the existing businesses must understand and adjust to the changing consumer behavior.

This is not an easy task, but some fundamental factors can help the entrepreneurs adjust to the “New Normal” of business and marketing.

This blog will discuss these fundamental factors:

  1. Incredible re-emergence of digital marketing
  2. Protection & prevention
  3. Advance thinking
  4. Virtual communication

Incredible re-emergence of digital marketing

Though the pandemic is still present, there are opportunities to start new businesses and find new areas in the existing companies. Technology and digital marketing have enabled businesses to stay connected to their customers.

During the pandemic, the dependency on digital marketing has remarkably increased. To get an insight into the increase, have a look at the stats given below:

  • Marketers found a 66% increase in social media content creation during the pandemic, while blog content creation increased by 57% and video content production increased by 50%.
  • Search engine ads grew by 9%
  • In 2020, email marketing (66%), websites (63%), and social media marketing (52%) had been identified as the top marketing tricks.

Many businesses were already aware of the importance of digital marketing. Experts have predicted that it will be of even more significance in the post-pandemic world.  Entrepreneurs should shift their focus from traditional marketing platforms to digital ones.

Protection & prevention

Talking about the ‘New Normal” does not mean that Covid-19 has gone from our life.  Even most countries are now going through their 2nd wave. Hence, the businesses should think about how to protect their employees who are coming to the office. It is important to seed and nurture a culture of prevention in the workplace. All preventive measures must be considered.

In the current situation, customers are also emphasizing safety. By following all preventive safety measures, businesses can instill confidence in their customers.

Most offline businesses are going online by developing either a website or a mobile app to showcase offered products or services and reach potential customers.

Advance thinking

Entrepreneurs and marketers should develop strategies that work not only during the pandemic but also after the return of normalcy. For instance, teleworking has been one of the most remarkable changes with which many companies have adjusted.

Considering the present scenario, it is safe to predict that remote work, originated from the telework concept, will be there even in the post-pandemic era.

Virtual communication

The most visible impact of Covid-19 can be seen on socialization. In-person interactions were vanished to maintain social distancing. It paved the path for virtual communication.  Businesses have started realizing the opportunities existing in digital communication. They are exploring the advantages of its strength. If you think strategically, you can invent new ways to reach consumers.

Businesses, which are still reluctant to switch to virtual communication, may find themselves extinct over time.  Nobody knows what the future beholds for us. Hence, the survival of the business may become challenging without virtual communication in the coming days.

Bottom Line

Life is getting more and more unpredictable every day. Customer requirements are also evolving regularly. Therefore, the businesses need to adjust according to the changing customer requirements.  Covid-19 is coming with even greater challenges than what we experienced in 2020. The pandemic has only escalated the changes that would have eventually occurred in the business world.  The dominance of e-commerce can be an ideal example. Though it is not a new trend, the pandemic has accelerated its use cases and driven e-commerce operations more relevant.

There is no way to survive the current trade world except adopting the New Normal. Like Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, businesses, able to adopt the new normal successfully, will stay, and the rest will be extinct.