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A cloud-based application runs in the cloud and efficiently interacts with web browsers and APIs. It offers the experience and functionality of a native application. Normally, the servers of cloud apps are located in a remote data center controlled by a third-party cloud services infrastructure provider. These applications largely benefit a business, maneuvering its growth and increase in revenue.

At Magicmind, we design and build highly-intelligent cloud applications using the latest DevOps tools like Docker, CircleCI, DataDog, Prometheus, and Terraform. These technologies allow us to enable high predictability and environment consistency throughout the development and deployment cycle. It also helps us to identify all potential issues before they can happen.

Right framework can be a game changer

Our sepcialties in developing cloud app

Scalable Infrastructure

For developing cloud apps, we use scalable infrastructure like Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, Heroku, and others to meet clients’ needs.

Constant Deployment and Integration

In cloud app development process, every pull request automatically turns into an isolated integration environment that simplifies the development and testing process.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

We use this service in development, testing, and maintenance processes to ensure flexibility, agility, and good control over your cloud-based web applications.


It gives access to infrastructure like servers, operating systems, virtual machines, etc. that helps to reduce the Opex costs by 20% and the Capex costs by 100%.

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