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We develop highly-engaging website landing pages

Landing pages are like the face of your website. These are mostly used for PPC-promotions. So, the purpose is to drive increasing amount of web traffic. It is possible when the pages look great, loads fast, contains high-quality content, and easy-to-navigate. We can build you as many landing pages you want with all these features.

Magicmind is an ISO-certified award-winning product development company that has been catering to worldwide clients for many years now. We have created interesting landing pages for, small and big, multiple clients till date. Our agile-driven development process includes three vital stages – understanding your business, collecting requisites, and developing accordingly.

What makes our landing pages clickable

Engaging graphics and media

We make connecting with your target audience easier. Relevant attention-grabbing images, videos, and Gifs assist in improving conversion. We add human-appeal while showcasing products or product features to evoke emotion.

Trust indicators

Statistical evidence, trust badges, customer testimonials, third-party seals, and privacy policy helps to gain and retain customers’ trust. We include these as per relevance in your website.

Lead capture form

Lead capture form acts as a ticket for collecting personal information of website visitors. However, forms work great only when they are designed and placed properly. We properly organize contact forms in the website so that visitors find it easy to fill up all the fields.

Strong call-to-action

This post-click landing page element stands out above the rest of the landing page features. We design relevant and visually appealing call-to-action buttons that intrigue the customers to click on it. We ensure the buttons redirect to the pages/offers that you want to show your customers.

No exit links

Landing pages are designed to hyper-focus on a single service or offer, so we don’t keep any external links on that page. We keep the look simple and professional with minimal banner and footer. However, your customization choices are always welcomed.

Sufficient white space

White space is also referred to as negative space. It is the empty area on the landing pages that help to draw visitors’ attention to a particular element on the page. We always integrate this valuable design technique to reduce page clutter and improve visual hierarchy, comprehension, and readability.

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