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Testing the website before making it live is crucial. This testing helps to identify the hidden bugs and issues. So, we have a dedicated team of tester at Magicmind that thoroughly test every website soon after the development process is over. We make your website live only when we are fully assured of its smooth performance.

Our testers are industry-best experts, who have good amount of knowledge and experience in this field. Each of them has sound understanding of HTML, Java Scripting, CSS, AJAX, and JavaScript. They are well-accustomed in working with web servers like apache, tomcat, etc. and have the ability to stem test cases from Use Cases and SRS.

Their hands-on experience in automation tools, profound knowledge in SDLC and STLC, and expertise in dealing with different bug tracking system have helped Magicmind to become a trusted name in web testing service.

Types of web testing we offer

Functional Testing

Early in the website development cycle, we perform web functional testing to detect whether all its functionalities are working properly.

Performance Testing

Performance testing checks the responsiveness and scalability of any website. It focuses on improving site’s performance and user experience.

UI Testing

The web UI testing mainly revolves around the GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing that concentrates on the usability and functionality of any website.

Usability Testing

In this process, we perform several activities in the website that first-time users are likely to perform for understanding how their experience will be.

Load Testing

We use LoadView software to evaluate the websites’ loading time. We detect the problems using this automated performance testing and fix them.

Cross Browser Testing

Cross-browser testing focuses on comparing and evaluating the behavior of the website in various browser environments to ensure optimal user experience.

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