12th, Jul 2022

The 101 Of Recruiting Software Developers

Hiring software development professionals requires a multi-faceted skill that circumnavigates around the roles of process management, technical acumen, social networking and intuition on the aesthetic level. Recruiters who have the responsibility of hiring tech professionals for a specific or all-rounded vertical understand the depth and extent of the challenge this entire process involves.


With so much availability of software engineering and development professionals around us, it becomes particularly challenging for the recruiters to land a profile that carries hallmarks of qualities with exceptional concepts of the skill. Most of the time, it really becomes difficult to evaluate which candidate is the best fit for the vacant position. The most scathing quests that linger in the recruiter’s minds are:

  1. Is the candidate wise enough to take negative feedback on a positive note?
  2. How is the candidate’s moral fibre built?
  3. Is he or she a good team player?
  4. Can he or she think creatively?

Well, these are the soft-skill criteria, but evaluation of these is more difficult than evaluating the hard skills. A recruiter should make all attempts to evaluate these, even when the answers to all these questions are correctly given by nearly every candidate, and nothing substantial comes out of their answers.


Fearing this, the HR recruiters often make the mistake of only focusing on core technical skills like creative thinking, problem-solving and coming up with new concepts. Proper interviewing and advanced hiring of professionals is no less than science. Yes, there exist certain methodologies, approaches and concepts that will give a clear glimpse of a candidate’s abilities and skills. These recruiting techniques result in an impressively effective process of screening and have a proven track record for recruiting the best talent in programming.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of software developers is projected to grow by 22% from 2019 to 2029, which is much faster than the average for all occupations.

Here Are The Most Fool-Proof Ways To Start Finding The Best

  1. Filling the pipeline with the best profiles

The process of selecting the best software developer begins right from filling the pipeline with the most outstanding profiles. Incorporating a systematic approach to effectively identifying the most qualified candidates streamlines as well as increases the chance of the right recruiting. Personal networking is still the best source of finding the right candidate because it assures quality people. Personal referrals are also a great player in the arena of quality hiring.

2. Blogs & similar write-ups

Developer blogs can be another source of fetching the best and most credible individuals into the recruiter’s attention. The technical blogs and other posts are generally written by tech professionals for providing important insights into languages, technologies, trends, processes and so on. Writing skill is actually counted as an added value to all these professionals, and hence the recruiters can be innately impressed.

3. Conferences and conventions

Tech conventions and conferences are two of the most reliable physical spaces where recruiters can meet up with people who are looking for opportunities to start a soaring career. The presenters, speakers, delegates and even some of the organizers can be great potential candidates for the recruiters, who can communicate face-to-face at the right time. The recruiters can also get references from candidates who are immensely qualified.

4. Contributors of open-source code

Communicating with open-source code contributing professionals on popular websites like SourceForge and GitHub can also bring recruiters closer to the works of talented coders. The benefit of this process is the fact that the recruiters can get an insightful glimpse of the individual’s coding samples.

5. Evaluating the technical acumen

Determining a candidate’s technical proficiency travels beyond the specifications of technology and programming language. These details can never be ignored. The most proven method of analyzing the candidates is to give them a challenge that is constrained by the programming language. For example, give them a problem and then ask them to choose a language first. The recruiter has to look for two things and those are – the solution has to be correct and incurs no such problems, errors, or bugs in the process. Here, the goal is to

  1. Know the coding style of the candidate
  2. Know about the proficiency in computer science knowledge
  3. The ability of problem-solving


What Is The Cost Of Hiring Software Developers?

At this point, we will be highlighting the facts and figures about hiring software developers

  • For In-House

Hiring in-house developers are mainly carried out by a company with the intention of building an in-house resource pool – a team of talented professionals who are specialized in roles like testers, designers, project managers, and so on. This is very much an expensive approach because the company has to bear the costs in areas like:

  1. Onboarding and hiring
  2. Workplace organizing
  3. Providing beneficial packages
  4. Activities of retaining staff
  5. Making the staff permanent for keeping them in other projects beyond the current ones

Here’s a glimpse of what the standard rates are


  • From Agency

Outsourcing too is an incredible option for companies. This is a drastically different step because the expenses borne by the company are less in comparison to the in-house recruiters. Also, the extra HR costs are also saved. The companies get to hire a talented team of professionals who belong to the agency. The team works on contracts and deadlines and hence, added efficiency is a plus point here. In case the company chooses this model, it is imperative for the same to have a strong team of management and communication so that the workflow with the external team is seamless. Having an outsourced team will let the company focus on other important verticals of performance and growth.

Here’s a glimpse of the benefits as well as the average cost of outsourcing software developers from Eastern European markets:


The factors to consider while hiring software developers

  1. Type of software the company wants/has to build
  2. Technology stack to be used
  3. Required skills required of the developers aligned with the tech stack
  4. Deciding on hiring overseas or local developers

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