18th, Jul 2022

The 2022 Guide To Hiring WordPress Developers

WordPress is the world’s leading Content Management System. Whether the user is managing a blogging platform or owns a business website, WordPress is always the top name that comes into the picture, as it has a bouquet of customisable features for the web with advanced functionality. To get a unique WordPress-based website, the recruiter has to hire a skilled developing professional who is well-versed with the nitty-gritties of the job role. But out of hundred profiles, finding the right and the most suitable candidate for the job is equivalent to searching for a needled in the haystack. But, not impossible.

Here are certain significant facts and figures about WordPress

* Only CMS-build sites, 64.1% of them are powered by WordPress – a 4% increase from 2020 (60%)
* WordPress is used by many top websites, including TED, Sony Music, The New Yorker, TechCrunch, Variety, Microsoft News Center, Bata, and more.
* WordPress web development services also top the list of CMS companies with a global Alexa website ranking of 60.
* WordPress is used by businesses in over 68 languages, with English being the most popular language for WordPress users.


In this blog today, Magicmind Technologies will be highlighting the various aspects of hiring the best fit for WordPress Developers. Keep scrolling to read more.

Steps to hire WordPress developer for website

Hiring a WordPress developer is indeed a critical process which enables the recruiting personnel to build fabulous websites with cutting-edge features, at an amazing price. The right WordPress developer provides the most amazing final product in an amazing package that maximises the chance of achieving the growth goals of the company. Keep scrolling to know more about the steps of hiring the candidate for the job:

  1. Enlisting what the company needs with the candidate

While hiring a WordPress developer, a company has to enlist the areas of requirement which the chosen candidate will have to fulfil right after selection of him or her. Here’s a short glimpse at the considerations:

* Business objectives that the website would have
* The timeline for getting high-quality projects
* The specific set of functionalities and features the website should have
* The aesthetics of a website

Thorough research on each of these points would guide a recruiter on his or her journey of selecting the best WordPress Developer. The job description that will be posted in the portals for the attention of the candidates, must have the aforementioned points as well.

  1. Avoiding the low-cost notifications of freelancers

If the recruiters are scrolling through the list of freelancers, then they have to be careful about the unbelievably low tariffs posted by the individuals. It is never an affordable job to build a website at significantly low prices. Only the simple websites are built within a $100 budget. Also, when it comes to hiring the services of a freelancer, risks like not meeting the deadline, absconding from the project mid-way and even leakage of confidential data can easily happen. In case the recruiter wants to go for a project-specific recruitment, hiring the services of an agency would be the best solution.

Freelancer working in WordPress development:

* Charge on an hourly basis. So, when the website is larger, charges will also be multiplied.
* WordPress websites with basic features cost less in building. But when cutting-edge features are incorporated to meet the customised needs of the business, the costs tend to shift to the higher side.
* The experience of consulting organizations and developers is also a significant factor in deciding on the project cost. When the experience is higher, the price charged is also more. Also, with more experience, the chances of excellent-quality delivery also amplify.

  1. What are the factors based on which the right candidate will be chosen?

While hiring a dedicated developer of WordPress, the recruiters have to thoroughly assess the technical expertise of the candidates. It is very much possible for the recruiters to not have enough technical expertise to judge a candidate, but yes, the following areas of assessment can also be helpful:

* Comparing the salaries asked by every candidate, or charges asked by every agency. As mentioned earlier, charging a cheaper price might signify something untrustworthy. The recruiters must always gather knowledge of the market standard price for a high cost to a quality outcome.
* Ask the candidates whether they have handled any similar kinds of projects before.
* Checking whether the people who have worked with the candidates can give feedback about their work or not.
* Ask the candidates about plugins or frameworks that are used for building the websites and making them more responsive. Also, how changes to any existing website can make it function differently.
* Checking their communication skills that are intended to respond to the client as well as company queries.
* The comprehensive skills of understanding the needs of the clients as well as companies.

  1. Hiring in-house or agency-team WordPress developers is the best option

Once again, we would say that hiring an agency or an in-house WordPress developer is the best option that can assist the recruiters in hiring the most suitable tech professionals. This ensures quality delivery.

The top ways to find the right WordPress Candidates

  1. Job Portals

Job portals have some of the best talent profiles who are looking for jobs. Once the recruiters have posted a crisp job description, it is just a matter of time before the applications start to pour in.

  1. Peer Contacts & Referrals

Referrals and contacts sometimes can also bring the recruiter across talented candidates. Often, people who look for a job spread the word of their search among their peers. The recruiters have to ask those same people with common contacts and connections. If clicks, onboarding of the right WordPress Developer takes no time.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the social media for professionals. Not only the people who are looking for jobs, but the recruiters can also connect with the best professionals for lateral hiring. On a higher level, lateral hiring is actually one of the best ways to onboard a talented professional who has years of experience on the field. Try it today!

What are some of the questions that can be asked during the interviews?


Signing Off…

We at Magicmind Technologies, hope that the information in this blog will be helpful enough for the recruiters for who are intending to hire top WordPress Developers for their website building vacancy. Explore our works at www.magicmindtechnologies.com.