4th, May 2020

The Importance of Video Marketing: Statistically Explained

Do you know why video marketing is so popular these days? – only because it’s presented in an easy-to-digest format. It gives your eyes a rest and your mind a peace from superabundant textual information While talking about digital marketing trends of 2020, Video Marketing comes at the top. It’s one of the most important marketing strategies in today’s date, and possibly, the rage is going to last for the coming 5-10 years.

8 stats highlighting the importance of video marketing

Video is the best tool to get personal and close with your consumers and potential buyers. And, this technique works well when implemented through social media channels. Some stats are here to prove the point: why video marketing must be incorporated in the strategy of your digital marketing company?

  1. 85% of the businesses are now using video marketing tool for their promotion purpose
  • 72% of the businesses confirmed that a well-made video has significantly increased their conversion rate
  •  70% of the customers share a brand’s video if made insightfully and have good significance with the brand
  • 97% of the marketers have confirmed that relevant videos help their customers to understand the products
  • 55% of the buyers feel that a product or service video helps them in confidently making online purchase decisions
  • 65% of the clients visit and inspect the marketer’s website and 39% meet a vendor eventually after watching the video
  • Over 80% of the traffic is expected to come through video marketing by 2021
  • At least 13% of the consumers is expected to come from live videos by 2021

Above data is evidence that the craze for video marketing is only increasing with time. And, YouTube, unlike before, is not the only compatible platform. Plenty of other social media platforms are now supporting businesses to drive higher traffic with efficient video marketing.

LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook allow live video streaming that improves engagement and creates strong brand awareness.

Yesteryear’s lengthy sales pages and emails are fading fast as millennial are more into Smartphone than laptops or desktops. Reading long-form content is difficult in smaller screens, whereas, watching a video made of good animation and graphics are much more compelling and exciting.

Statistically, it’s 50 times more likely to drive organic traffic if your website or social media brand page contains a video. In short, video marketing has a lot of unmistakable importance. Now, that you are aware of the stats, let’s take a look at its advantages, or you may read it as: ‘why to choose video marketing?’ 

Why pick video marketing as your brand promotion tool?

Undoubtedly, brand promotions through video marketing is one of the most valuable tools in your marketing strategies. In spite of the stats provides, you may still have doubts about whether it is really worthy to consider video marketing strategy in your business. Here’s presenting five powerful reasons as the answer to your simple question:

  • Videos helps to boost sales and conversion rate by 80%. Studies have shown that major section of the users buy a product after watching an explainer video.
  • 83% of the businesses confirms that a well-made video shows great ROI. Even though making a video is challenging in terms of effort and investment, the final product pays off big time.
  • Brand loyalty is the foundation of improved conversion. And, the whole idea behind video marketing is to build an impression of trust and create a long-term relationship with the audience.
  • Videos naturally attract more audiences and the visitors’ time spent on your site increases automatically. The longer exposure signals Google that your website has good content.
  • If you are launching a new product or service, then take the help of video marketing. Many users claim that they watch an explainer video to learn about a particular product or service.

Besides these reasons, video marketing has plenty of benefits. This latest strategy can even engage the laziest buyers and largely encourages social shares. However, content quality is essential while making a business video. Also, keep an eye on the technical aspects if you want to create wonders with brand videos as part of your social media marketing portfolio.

Video content reformation: Best part of video marketing

Do you know why video marketing has surpassed all the other promotional techniques? It allows video transcription. This means other than just publishing the recorded video in your YouTube channel, you can also perform the following with it –

  • Transcribe your video to get a text-version of the same
  • For better rankings, include the transcript version in your blog
  • Publish the original video in Facebook along with the transcription as subtitles 
  • Turn the reformat version into a standalone article or blog with short description, relevant stats, and images
  • You can rip the audio out of the video and broadcast it as a podcast episode 

Besides this, the other video marketing techniques that can increase your website traction are live video, 1:1 video, video SEO, 360-degree video content.

Also, you can combine video marketing campaigns with email marketing by using the video thumbnails in the emails and adding ‘video’ in the subject lines. This will increase the email opening rates by 19%.

You can also brainstorm new marketing strategies using creative videos. This particular tool helps to promote your brand on the internet in just a few hours. So, here comes the bottom line of the article – video marketing is the only creative survive in 2020!