4th, Aug 2022

The Ultimate Tips To Hire Django Developer: A Handy Guide

Django framework is a Python-based framework that is used for building web-based apps. It involves working with a toolbox approach – all crucial functionalities are needed for creating a web application already clustered in a framework.

The Django framework allows the building of secure and scalable web applications and attracts various developers. The most significant proof of it is the many Python apps available around us. Recruiters can find expert to novice Django developers who are in considerable numbers in the market.

Django is a practical and rapid framework for web designs that offers many resources for efficiently handling novel repetitive problems of the development process. This allows the developers to build more trustworthy and better web applications with only a few lines of code.

What are the best uses and applications of the Django framework?

Django is a flexible and versatile framework that is formed out of Python. The framework is also lightweight, depending on the approach and the number of resources. Thus, Django is used for creating nearly all kinds of websites like (CMS or Wikipedia) web apps, social media websites and apps, new websites and more.

Django is popular with world’s some of the most popular websites and companies like:

* National Geographic

* Spotify

* Pinterest

* Mozilla

* Instagram

& more…

In fact, Instagram is known for having the largest deployment of Django today. The educational page of National Geographic website is also complex and is entirely built upon the Django framework, especially for its content management systems and tasks.

The best quality about Django is that this framework empowers the browser to handle multiple API requests more efficiently and quickly for Mozilla Firefox. Spotify also uses various Django applications because of its unparalleled ability to manage data and application functionalities, including some other backend services.

Django framework facts every reader should know

* The very first version of Django was released back in 2005’s November
* The estimation of the project was $ 7 million.
* Facebook, Bitbucket, Pinterest, and Instagram use the Django functionality and framework.
* The Django community contains 1200+ developers.
* On Github, it has more than 28 thousand stars, for its updates are monitored by more than one and a half thousand users.
* Help documentation for Django is very well structured and detailed.
* Django’s ORM enables fast switching between various relational databases.


What are the most common work responsibilities every Django developer must carry out?

As mentioned earlier, Django stands as one of the top Python-based frameworks in today’s time. Likewise, the professional Django developers are counted among the most sought-out Python specialising developers in the market. The recruiters commonly come across profiles that mention their skills as Django/Python developers. This framework has both back and front-end applications, which also opens the alley for Full Stack Django Developers as well.

Django has many features and functions, and it entirely depends on the developers on how they choose to build a diverse array of web applications by avoiding the most common security threats and risks like clickjacking and, cross-site scripting & SQL injection.

The user authentication and CSS integration of Django empower the Django professionals in areas like project-specific site maps & user authentication effortlessly. An able Django developer has to create and optimise data algorithms and websites to solve analytics issues.

How to conduct interviews for hiring Django developer

The salary for a software developer fluent in the Django framework depends on the seniority of his or her position, which can be between $60,000 to $110,000. There are indeed hundreds & thousands of Django developers out there, and determining the most suited profile for the Django framework should be determined by keeping the experience and skill of him or her.

The handy tips on conducting screening for hiring Django developers

  1. Pre-Screening Round

Pre-screen is an interview that usually filters away candidates who are not eligible for meeting the company standards or requisites. Sometimes, the demands are less for the technical abilities and technicalities and more for choosing someone that fits the company culture, and pre-screening is the best step to determine that.

During pre-screening, rather than only focusing on the technical abilities as well as experience of the candidate, it is crucial to understand whether that candidate can adapt to working within a new team. Here are specific questions that will give a clear idea about this:

* Did they show any interest in the company before coming up for the interview?
* Were they able to reflect a positive picture of yourself?
* Was their English-speaking capability fluent and optimal for striking a clear, lucid and transparent communication with the company staff?
* Did they focus on the question asked in the interview and answer the questions correctly?
* Did the candidate show up on or before time?
* Is the candidate excellent and respectful while engaged in a conversation?
* Is the candidate professional or polite?

  1. The Technical Round

A good developer does not necessarily have to have a computer science degree to be skilled in developing APIs or web applications, but yes, specific skills are required for the candidate to join an engineering team. A Django developer must be proficient in the framework with the skill and knowledge in troubleshooting, designing and implementing Python codes efficiently. They should also know the framework’s security, bugs, testing and debugging aspects. A Django engineer should be aware of the skills with an intrinsic understanding of the databases of SQL language and familiarity in iterating Python and many other frameworks with an optimal understanding of REST-based APIs. To determine whether they are aware of these qualities, they should answer the following questions:

* What are the unique points of Django architecture?
* What are the models of Django?
* What is Django Rest Framework?
* What are the exceptions in Django?
* What is a field class in Django?
* What is the utility of the session framework?
* What is the response lifecycle of Django?
* What is the concept of a static life cycle? Explain their usage.
* What is the ORM of Django?

  1. Screening Soft-Skills

The following soft-skill areas are interviewed while hiring Django developers:

* Flexibility
* Curiosity
* Honesty
* Social skills
* Openness
* Great English
* Enthusiasm
* Motivation
* Excellent communication skills
* Presentability
* Professionalism

Some insights on Django market trends

  1. What is the cost of hiring a Django developer? (The USA)

As per the USA standards, the average salary for Django developers would be $63,375 to $89,000. The lower salary is $67,500, and the highest paid one sum up to $155,500. The median figure for these salaries is coming to $117,673.


  1. What is the cost of hiring a Django developer? (UK)

In the United Kingdom, the median salary of Django Developers is £67,500. This amount is very much dependent on the skill of the candidate.


  1. What is the cost of hiring a Django developer? (Australia)

In Australia, a professional Django developer can expect around $100,000. Although, there are two factors that play a crucial role in determining this number:

  • An industry that the developer belongs to
  • Seniority or experience

Steps of hiring Django developers

  1. Building an ideal candidate profile

Finding the best person for this role revolves around how well the recruiter understands the requisites of this position. Profile building is a task that he or she has to carry out skillfully.

  1. Writing a detailed job description.

The recruiter can only write a crisp and to-the-point job description once he or she builds a great job profile.

  1. Selecting the right candidate for this job

This step is shortlisting suitable candidates with the skills that match the position’s requisites.

  1. Interviewing the top candidates

The top candidates from the narrowed-down options should appear before the final interview panel for selection.

Conclusion…Choosing an Agency, Is the Right Choice!

Agencies like Magicmind Technologies benefit from hiring a team of experts that will exclusively work for the client requisites. Generally, these agencies recruit a team of the most talented individuals dedicated to delivering excellence for every project.

The teams hire talented individuals who maintain the company deadline and also provide post-delivery support of the project, if and when required. Hiring in-house developers and freelancers might involve a massive amount of money. Hiring an agency is an economical option than their line of offerings.