Video Marketing

The format for easy-to-digest strategy for digital success

The trend, the storm, the ultimate popularity

No prize for guessing why videos are so popular these days. In an era where people don’t want to stress their eyes by overburdening with textual information online, videos and their contents seem to be much of a relief. No wonder why the world reportedly watches 1 billion hours of social videos per day! Magicmind Technologies grabs the opportunity to create promotional and informative videos for your business to boost your success.

Video Marketing – why is it needed?

SEO companies of Kolkata suggest and agree to the point that videos are the most versatile and engaging content formats available when it comes to offer us a real-life picture of what is going on in the industry. Videos are also the easiest option to be shared across multiple platforms. Consumers prefer these over heavy written contents, as the former is entertaining and engaging, and at the same time less time consuming.

Video Marketing is the future of SEO

Videos get great results when it comes to social media marketing. However, the expectations are way higher than what it yields right now. Professionals and statistics say that videos are growing in importance, and with the growing pace, it can be concluded that more and more videos are going to be used as part of online marketing campaigns in the days ahead. Videos are indeed a gold mine for SEO.

Video Marketing for brand engagement

For obvious reasons, videos are a great way to increase brand awareness and driving potential customers to your social media pages or websites. Statistics prove that consumers often engage with a brand after watching their videos on social media. Providers of SEO service in Kolkata can foresee a further growth in brand engagement as video is indeed the future of digital marketing.

Need for video

Informing and educating – videos help customers understand products.

Search Engine Optimization – By 2021, over 80% of all traffic will convert to video.

Staying competitive – a short explainer video can do wonders in competitive market.

Real-time, ephemeral content for personalized videos, and live videos.

Uplifting conversions – consumers make purchasing decision from live videos.

As any web development company in Kolkata would agree, Magicmind Technologies believe that a significant number of techniques behind making a marketing video can easily teach, answer questions, discuss your contextual investigations, expose myths, or help with several other factors. If you want to bring your brand under spotlight in an easy-weasy way, then video is your ultimate answer.

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