15th, Jul 2022

Ways To Hire Magento Developers for 2022: A Complete Guide

Magento is the most sought-after open-source platform that is used for developing E-business websites and stores that have higher SKU numbers and desire huge traffic for sustenance and growth. In case your business is already owning an E-Commerce store, then you have already realised the fact that running an online business set-up is definitely not an easy task. Also, if you are a recruiter working for E-Commerce , you have definitely come across the soaring demands in the job portals featuring ‘hire Magento Developers’ as a headline. In this informative by Magicmind Technologies today, we will be highlighting the different ways a recruiter can hire the top talents of Magento development.

Facts & Stats About Magento

* Businesses that use Magento grow 3x faster than other businesses
* Magento handles $155 billion in transactions every year
* Magento powers 2.3% of the eCommerce stores globally
* Magento stayed as one of the 10 most popular eCommerce platforms in 2021


Entrepreneurs using Magento for their E-Commerce Business grow around 3% quicker than competitors not using the platform.


The gap created by increased supply and decreased demand can easily be met by hiring an able Magento Developer, and hiring him or her is indeed a daunting task. There are multiple factors that play a crucial role in searching for the best candidate and keep reading to know more about the processes:

A. Being & Making Aware Of Recruitment Requisites: Recruiter’s and Candidate’s Guide

  1. The setting of Objectives & Goals

The recruiter should set up the objectives and goals of the vacancy, which would be filled by the most talented Magento Developer candidate. These aspects should be visible to both the recruiter and the candidate for transparent and easy communication.

  1. Setting Up Of The Budget

It is very much important for the recruiter to be mindful of the budget allocation. Right from posting job ads to the final onboarding of the candidate, all the steps in the process have a certain amount of expenses involved. Allocating the budget first will be useful for the recruiter.

  1. Determining The Timeline

Before giving a green signal to any candidate, the recruiter must have an insightful conversation about the projects that the chosen candidate has to work on. The Magento developers will know beforehand about the roles and duties to be performed in a given timeline. If the aspects click, then the candidate can be selected.

  1. Scheduling Payment

All companies that are working with the Magento eCommerce platform have unique requisites due to different policies and protocols. So it is important to make a conversation in this area beforehand so that there involves no gap in communication between the employers and the employees regarding the payment cycle.

  1. Model Of Hiring

While hiring the Magento developer, the recruiters should be aware of what skills to expect from them. The candidates that should be selected for the interview must match the required skills for the company’s E-Commerce project.

  1. Model Of Engagement

The engagement model of the recruitment goes hand in hand with project completion, which are:

* Global Resourcing
* Hybrid Model
* Committed Development Center
* Lab for Virtual Development
* Building Operate Transfer

  1. Tools For Reporting

Reporting tools are extremely important for data analysis and presenting the same data in a tabular form. The recruiter must make the candidate aware of the company’s reporting system so that he or she faces no difficulty in the process of reporting the developmental steps.

  1. Insights About After-Service Supports

The creation of the Magento-based website is not the last stop. Maintaining and also providing strong after-sales support is crucial as well. The Magento developers, as well as designers, should be well-versed in these two areas as well so that when required, the company can promptly provide after-sales support to the clients or to its in-house website at the most cost-effective packages.



B. Determining the Skillset of The Magento Developer with These Top 5 Qualities

  1. Languages known to the candidate

The Magento developer has to have a knowledge of all the languages that are required for basic programming. These are the most basic requisites they should carry because of the apt usage of the languages for developing the websites. Some of the major languages they should have insights about are:

* Ruby
* PHP (the most crucial one for Magento-based development jobs)
* C++
* JavaScript
* Java
* Python

  1. Certifications under proper affiliations

The Magento developer candidate that the recruiter is looking for must have valid certifications under proper and accepted affiliations. The candidate’s skills, as well as knowledge, has to have a proper certification mentioning the areas of his or her specialities as these will make it clear to the recruiter about his or her eligibility for the job. Certifications will help the recruiters to narrow down the perfect candidates and make the recruitment process quicker.

  1. Must have knowledge of Magento 2

The ECommerce developer recruiters should look out for now is for Magento 2. The upgraded platform is indeed a 360-degree shopping cart solution for businesses of any scale. The Magento 2 platform carries a plethora of features as well as flexibility that the users can easily manage and function with. From managing content to the business store, Magento 2 is indeed a versatile eCommerce solution.

  1. Must Have Skills in CMS Development

The ideal candidate for the Magento development job has to have a skill in CMS development as well. This is considered another basic requisite for the candidate to have in order to get absorbed by the company. They should be combining skills for building development expertise as per the need of a website. The expertise reflects a firm grip and skill in the following areas:

* Development of shopping cart
* Extension development for customers
* Building ecommerce solutions for the customers
* Building of Magento theme and module development
* Magento-based website development

  1. Knowledge of the Ecommerce integration

The skill of Ecommerce integration is in demand a lot as it comes with amazing benefits, including-

* Accurate targeting of consumers
* Managing the dynamic expenses of customer services
* Amplification of profits and revenue

These are the benefits that every eCommerce businesses out there want to reap their benefits with.

Additional skills to look out for in the candidates

* Development skills for Magento extension
* Custom theme integration for Magento
* Knowledge in JavaScript
* Skills in problem-solving
* Knowledge in database
* Execution of migration into Magento

The kind of developers recruiters should look out for hiring (division-wise)

Kind Description
Full-Stack The candidate must excel in both front and backend (to be discussed in the following points) development. The majority of businesses today, on the global scale, have chosen full-stack developers because one candidate can look after the developmental and post-delivery support areas of both ends. They are versatile candidates.
Front-End The candidates under this role look after the websites’ aesthetics and functional aspects like navigation, colours, layouts etc. They must be well-versed in languages like-

* Magento CMS
* APIs
* JS

Backend The candidate has to take care of the logic from the server-side, must manage the central database and also create an app for the store. He or she should be technically sound as well as detail-oriented.


Ways to identify the best Magento developing candidate

  1. By testing their communication

Not only for Magento developers, but while hiring a candidate for any role for any job, the recruiters must figure out whether they are good in their communication skills or not. This is a quality that needs to be implemented in the candidate’s technical skillset for a better flow of work and transparency in the development process.

  1. By allocating an assignment for a test

If the recruiter is still not sure about the expertise of a candidate, the best way to test their capability is to test their skill and knowledge is to set taking a test project. This might look time-consuming or also have the propensity to surpass the budget, but it assures of narrowing down to the option of the best candidate. This assignment will help the recruiter get a clear glimpse of the candidate’s resume for real.

  1. By checking the credentials and work portfolio

Checking the candidate’s certifications and work portfolios will provide a clear idea of their eligibility. Their work portfolio has to display the skills, workflow and methodology in which they performed. The developers’ portfolio should consist of the following attributes:

* Development and design work
* Certifications
* Lesson plans
* Frameworks Experience
* Proficiency
* Number of projects handled

  1. By asking for client references

The recruiter can get in touch with the candidate’s previous clients to get a clear idea about diligence, working method, skill and soft skill diligence.

  1. By looking for ratings and reviews

Before hiring a developer, checking the ratings and reviews of the candidate is something all businesses should do. This gives a clear idea about the candidate’s professionalism, working excellence and profile credibility.

The top questions are generally asked a Magento Developer candidate by the recruiters.

  1. What is codePool?
  2. What are the advantages of applying Connect Patches in Magento?
  3. Explain how to change the Magento core API set?
  4. How to convert default currency to others in Magento?
  5. Explain the compilation feature in Magento?
  6. How to make Magento work with another domain?
  7. How many types of sessions are there? Why do we use different sessions in Magento?
  8. List the magic methods in Magento?
  9. How to enable the product’s custom attribute visibility in the frontend?
  10. Explain different modules in Magento.
  11. What are Magento product types?
  12. What are the limitations of Magento?
  13. How can you improve the performance of Magento?
  14. Explain the architecture of Magento.


The cost of hiring Magento Developers

  1. Cost details based on the role
Profile Cost
Magento Solution Architect $300 to $80
Full-Stack Magento Developer $40 to $150
Back-end Magento Developers $35 to $100
Front-end Magento Developers $25 to $85


  1. Cost details based on the area (1)






  1. Cost details based on certification (Adobe)



Where to look for the perfect candidates?

  1. Job Portals

Job portals are the first go-to places for recruiters who are looking to recruit Magento Developers. Hundreds and thousands of profiles can be discovered there, and the recruiters can just browse through them to match the skills with company requisites.

  1. Social Media

Mainly speaking of LinkedIn, social media is a great place in today’s time where the recruiter can come across candidates who are looking for jobs. It also eliminates the middle steps of communication through emails and provides a direct line of contact between both the recruiter and the candidate. In fact, the former does not have to browse much in this case because the candidates can be easily found within the connected circle.

  1. Peer Connections (referrals)

Sometimes, by foraging through the peers like colleagues, employees, friends and even family members, recruiters can easily find out about candidates who are looking for jobs.

  1. Freelancing Portals

Sure, they are saviours, but in most cases, the candidates posting their skills and work over there are not much reliable. Freelancers work independently and are known to work in their way, which might not always click with the company protocols. Exceptions, although, are always there.

  1. Hiring An Agency

Generally, agencies have an in-house team consisting of some of the brightest minds in the industry. The team of dedicated Magento developers can easily finish and deliver the project in time within a professional framework. This is perhaps the best decision a company can take while looking to hire Magento developers.

Signing Off…

We hope this data will be of immense help to the readers who are looking to hire Magento Developers for their projects.