4 Digital Myths To Debunk For An Exceptional Disrupt Approach

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Advertisers should know that a disruptor does not make lots of buzzes. Demanding objects like voice search and new channels won’t escalate your growth rapidly in 2021; instead, appealing creative, practical experimentation, and efficient Facebook and Google management will be your pillar for a shiny future. Therefore, the advertisers should spend a portion of their time and resources on experimentation with a disruptive strategy to develop and maintain sustainable business growth. If you are looking for innovative ways to boost your digital marketing strategies with a disruptive approach, you need to debunk some myths. In this paper, we will cover:

Four Digital Marketing Myths Creating Obstacle to Disruptive Approach

#1 Myth vs Reality
Google & Facebook Duopoly Is No More Effective

# 2 Myth vs Reality
Voice Search Is A Tool Of Disrupting Digital Marketing

#3 Myth vs Reality
Huge Upfront Research & Marketing Planning Drives Better Results

#4 Myth vs Reality
Prevalence Of AI Has Demolished The Vitality Of High-Quality Creative Reality


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