Native Apps Or Progressive Web Apps: Which One Is The Best Bet?

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These days, businesses try to use all online channels to promote their business and reach a wide
audience. Apart from website, mobile apps and progressive web apps are two popular platforms
for online marketing. However, many business owners get confused when they need to choose
between these two options. Both native apps and PWAs have unique benefits. It’s important to
understand the company requirements. If one’s business needs can be satisfied with the features
offered by native apps, then native apps should be preferred; if the requirements of a business are
met by PWAs, then these are the best bet for that business.

In this paper, we’ll help you make a firm decision. Here our discussion will cover:

  • A general introduction of native apps and PWAs
  • Definition of native apps
  • Benefits of native apps
  • Definition of PWAs
  • Benefits of PWAs
  • Differences between native apps and PWAs

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