5th, Oct 2020

Your Fonts Tell A Lot About Your B2B Brand- A Brief Overview

Over the years, consumer brands cherished all the font fun. Then, they were trying to allure the customers with the help of attractive fonts. You would be surprised to learn that fonts have a personality and intent. A web designer should understand this brand personality and purpose to use the fonts in the right place, considering the context.

Font choice can either make or break what message you are trying to convey. If your font choice does not go well with your message, it will confuse your customers. If the customers find it hard to understand, they will move to other options. Hence, fonts are essential, especially for B2B businesses. Being a B2B business owner, you need to choose fonts that suit your brand message and resonate with your target audience. An experienced website design company in Kolkata can help you choose the right font.

Here we’ve discussed a few advanced fonts that will help you enrich your B2B website:

Muli Lato

Muli Lato is one of the most popular and demanding font styles. This style introduces clean and modern fonts, which are tech-forward as well. At the same time, they are approachable and friendly due to the roundness in their letterforms. These characteristics correctly portray the company and its services.

Museo Slab and Museo Sans

Museo Slab and Museo offers distinct, appealing, and easy-to-understand fonts. These characteristics help a B2B business highlight their offerings and tone.

AcuminoPro and Lato

AcuminoPro and Lato provides cutting-edge and versatile sans-self typeface. It gives a website a well-balanced and quality font pattern. This style presents the word is ideal for helping the visitors develop the right perception of the business.

How to Pick the Right Business

Choosing the right fonts is not an easy task. You should be aware of the practical needs of your business. You need to understand which style is aligned with your business message and website design. The selection of the font style will also depend on your business type. For instance, using highly decorative fonts won’t work for you if you are into the finance industry. If you are into event management, you should use a script font that looks alluring. These days, most brands are leaning towards classic fonts. A spike in the use of Helvetica establishes this fact.

If you are doing branding of your business, the idea of using free fonts might be tempting to you. There are numerous free fonts available on the Internet. Many of these fonts are clean and help the businesses present the brand in the right way. However, free fonts do not contain all the symbols. You might be looking for a particular symbol that is not included in your chosen font style. Using paid fonts allow you to use the symbols you need.

Bottom Line

You should always pick fonts that look legible and clear. You need fonts that will never tire your visitors’ eyes. Your fonts must be timeless and classic; however, you should not give your visitors an impression of writing high school English papers. Always avoid fonts, which are closely tied to another brand. Your B2B business must showcase a unique brand presence. Suppose you are still confused about choosing a font style. In that case, you may seek help from a professional website design company in Kolkata.

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